Surface World Handbook 2017 Surface World Handbook 2017 - Page 33

Euro Quality Stripping Ltd The complete paint and powder stripping service Chemical and Thermal stripping techniques for: High Value Components Paint and Powder coating Jigs Racks and Fixtures Chemical Stripping Where a paint or powder coating process creates rejected product, which then needs to be stripped prior to recoating, EQS can offer the perfect solution. Our quality chemical stripping facility is of particular interest to companies manufacturing high base value components. Unlike traditional acid based strippers, we use non-aggressive Benzyl Alcohol chemical stripper, which acts by dissolving the applied coating from the substrate. The benefit of using Benzyl Alcohol is that once the coating is removed, the process stops. This leaves the part free of applied coating but with any previously applied pre-treatment layer intact reducing the possibility of substrate attack. Pictures show components which have been partially chemically stripped. Key benefits are: Any previously applied pre-treatment layer is left intact Potential for subsequent corrosion is greatly reduced Conforms to environmental best practice policies Thermal Stripping In addition to component recovery by chemical stripping, EQS provide an efficient and cost effective jig stripping service by means of controlled pyrolosis ovens. This thermal stripping method is of particular interest to those companies that operate powder coating, wet paint and electrophoretic coating plants and where frequent jig stripping is required in order to maintain good electrical contact. Regular jig cleaning by controlled pyrolysis is a proven and cost effective way of improving plant efficiency and reducing reject levels. Thermal stripping can also be an effective method of stripping components prior to re-coating when the subsequent finish is not cosmetically critical. Pictures show powder coating jigs before and after thermal stripping Tel: 029 2036 3263 Fax: 029 2079 0785