Surface World Handbook 2017 Surface World Handbook 2017 - Page 203

WORLD SERVICES PYROLYSIS/BURN OFF OVENS POWDER COATING EQUIPMENT SPRAY EQUIPMENT E x c l u s i v e D i s t r i b u t o r o f s a l t r e m o v e r & f l a s h r u s t p r e v e n t o r , H o l d T i g h t 1 0 2 ® i n U K : Winn W i n n & Coales C o a l e s (Denso) ( D e n s o ) Ltd L t d T e l : 0 2 0 8 6 7 0 7 5 1 1 We b : w w w . d e n s o . n e t SPECIALIST SERVICES TM PLAFORIZATION cleans, phosphates and seals your metal parts with NO HEAT PRE-TREATMENT CHEMICALS Learn about TM PLAFORIZATION RDM Industrial Services Ltd Parkfield Industrial Estate Kemp Street Middleton Manchester M24 4AA Tel: 0161 643 9333 Fax: 0161 655 3467 Contact: Robert Horwich or Geoff Ball Spraybooths, rooms, ovens, conveyors, pretreatment, powder plant and air replacement units. The Smart Approach to Metal Pre-Treatment Enviro Technologies 7 Email: Web: PUMPS twitter: @surfaceworldmag 2017 - 2018 201