Surface World Handbook 2017 Surface World Handbook 2017 - Page 187

The conveyor handle’s units up to 1000kg, transporting them through the various processes along the paint line. It is designed with a facility enabling product to be automatically diverted from the normal business route to a Fast-Track route, thus allowing SEW to service customers on an urgent basis. The conveyor system’s two drop stations within the spray booth and inspection area are designed to have the capability of raising and lowering products vertically whilst also allowing the operator to rotate units. This ensures full paint coverage of the product is assured. The use of state of the art programmable controllers enables the integration of the conveyor with other paint line equipment thus ensuring product movements and timings are coordinated. Telephone: 0161 284 2222 Email: Visit: Equip Robotic Solutions Equip offers cost effective robotic solutions optimised for grinding, polishing and satin fi nish production processes. Automated grinding and polishing achieves faster production at a better, reproducible quality, while reducing costs. For help and advice on robotic automation for your production needs please call us on 01298 22233 or visit