Surface World Handbook 2017 Surface World Handbook 2017 - Page 182

HANGON HQL: HangOn Quick Level System 30 TIMES FASTER HQL stands for ‘HangOn Quick Level’, which is a complete low cost and smart hanging system designed to increase effi ciency of the coating processes. The time that you today use to change a single hook you can now use to change a HQL level with 30 hanging points. With the HQL you can gain an optimal usage of your coating line. You can optimize the energy consumption, save time and decrease your total cost. With the HQL system you will simplify the hanging of the parts you will coat. Now it´s quick and easy to put together a hanger that fills up the whole coating height of your line. The HQL levels are available in standard widths to fit our range of mother frame jigs, which also allows other HangOn jig products to be used at the same frames. The hooks fixed on the levels gives shorter time for loading and unloading. 180 2017 - 2018 Smart hanging can reduce total coating costs by 50%! Smart hanging often leads to large energy savings; Material handling needs to be organised in a smart way with a prehanging station and good storage of hangers, etc; Apart from the cost savings there are also several process-technical advantages to smart hanging; and In this case HQL gives the largest saving because of quickest hanging point renewal but BHL is a more flexible solution. Telephone: 01547 540573 Email: Visit: read online: