Surface World December 2018 Surface World Magazine December 2018 - Page 66

ALUMINIUM TREATMENT Two new additions to our full line of Aluminium Pre and Post Treatment Chemistry are our TRIVATE AL Trivalent Aluminium Passivate and our ALUDYE Aluminium Anodising Dyes. Trivate AL is suitable for use with Aluminium and Aluminium castings providing a clear or slightly coloured Trivalent Passivation layer giving excellent corrosion resistance over a wide range of operating parameters. Our Aludye Anodising dyes provide consistent colouring and performance across a wide range of conditions as well as meeting light fastness and hardness specifications. Coupled with the excellent technical performance are considerable benefits in operating costs when compared to other popular dyes on the market. These two additions give us the opportunity to offer a full process line of Aluminium Treatment Chemistry to the UK market. At the very forefront of plating technology for the General Metal Finishing industry for 60 years. TRIVATE AL Following extensive development work we are pleased to announce the release of our new Trivalent Aluminium Passivate TRIVATE AL. TRIVATE AL is suitable for Aluminium, Aluminium Alloys and castings, used in both spray and immersion applications. With superior corrosion resistance to that of Hexavalent types TRIVATE AL offers technical advantages as well as meeting environmental regulations. Features of TRIVATE AL: • Resistant to the high temperatures of 100ºc without detracting from its corrosion resistance ability. • Non-toxic, simple operation and ease of use using conventional processing systems. • Meets or exceeds the MIL-DTL-81706 and MIL5541 corrosion standard (according to ASTMB-117 and DIN 50021 SS neutral salt spray test, more than 336 hours to white rust). PMD CHEMICALS can boast over 50 years experience of research, development and supply of its own formulated products from its modern facilities in Coventry, England. Success has been achieved through continuous development of process chemistry and a consistent understanding of the ever changing requirements of the GMF Industry. Our focussed approach of dedicated customer service is unrivalled and our ability to work alongside our customers to solve problems and create a process that is technically advanced and cost effective makes PMD a reliable partner in today’s market. All of this progress has been achieved by a Technical and Sales support strategy against a background of working continuously to meet the commercial demands of today’s Finishing Industry. Our focus continues to provide a first class technical and sales support based service with an emphasis to work alongside our customers to develop and provide products to meet the requirements of our diverse and ever changing industry. ALUDYE ANODISING DYES ALUDYE Dyes represent a full range of organic and inorganic solid and liquid based dyes for use in Aluminium Anodising processes. Our focus has been to come into the market at the highest quality level offering reliable technical performance, meeting and exceeding technical specifications whilst maintaining a sensible commercial benefit in a highly competitive market. We offer a full range of colours and the ability to match Bespoke requirements, with full product line stocking at our facility in Coventry long lead times and stock issues disappear. With full product support offered by our internal and field based laboratory and technical team, initial installations and bath conversions are looked after and full process maintenance and analysis is provided. For more information on our Aluminium Treatment Processes and Full Range of Products, contact one of our Technical Sales Team: PMD UK Ltd Broad Lane, Coventry, CV5 7AY UK Tel +44(0)24 7646 6691 Fax +44(0)24 7647 3034