Surface World December 2018 Surface World Magazine December 2018 - Page 65

High Quality Liquid Coatings for General Industrial Use Cromadex is part of AkzoNobel, a leading global paint and coatings Company. Cromadex produces a range of high quality liquid coatings for general industrial use designed to answer all your technical as well as decorative needs. Cromadex liquid systems are available from a comprehensive range that includes: • Single Pack • Stoving • Two Pack • Aerosols We all need coating systems we can have confi dence in. We can provide you with a design life determined by your specifi c needs based on our Extra Life programme. Extra Life is based on coating systems that can provide product protection for up to 25 years. Please contact us for more information. We have regional offi ces in the UK and across Europe. Contact number: 0191 438 4738