Surface World December 2018 Surface World Magazine December 2018 - Page 58

TESTING & MEASUREMENT vapours can do no harm to the carbide tip, as has been proven with the rigorous tests shown in images 1 to 4. The dust test was performed in a dust chamber to simulate a heavy dust ridden atmosphere, after which the instrument was still able to perform measuring tasks. A jet of water was then fired at the device under stringent test conditions to saturate it with force and then used immediately afterwards, again with perfect functionality. Spot check to testing larger areas, on any surface When handling workpieces of various aluminium alloys, the different conductivities can influence the thickness measurement of their coating, so the Phascope Paint device was developed with a compensation feature to ensure accurate measurement results. Users of paint coating thickness devices were also looking for a continuous mode so that many measurements could be done over a large area. The Phascope Paint can undertake up to 70 measurements per minute and in addition, a red/green LED alerts the user when tolerance levels are exceeded or within limits, for increasing the ease and speed of use, increasing efficiencies in the measurement tasks. A device to suit today’s culture Eddy current measurement method Intuitive to use while offering mobility and flexibility were found to be key user requirements in paint thickness measurement and a device that fitted seamlessly into today’s way of life was a natural way forward. The Phascope Paint connects to a smart device via Bluetooth with the intuitive app for Android and iOS installed. Statistical data, such as mean and standard deviation, is automatically calculated and displayed by the app. The functionality of the app to produce graphical data such as histograms means measurement data can be visualised on the go without having to download it first to a computer. With the Fischer Phascope Paint app on a Smartphone or tablet, a photo can be attached directly to the measurement report. Phascope Paint in dust test The report can be e-mailed, texted or transferred by other means available (such as WhatsApp) on the phone or tablet. Affordable, intuitive and reported as being great to use, watch the videos on 56 Phascope Paint in water test DECEMBER 2018 read online: