Surface World December 2018 Surface World Magazine December 2018 - Page 30

MASKING – TAPES, CAPS & PLUGS Specialist automotive aftermarket supplier gains from Hadleigh Enterprises tape products and experience Hadleigh Enterprises Ltd.’s ability to supply adhesive tape products that match the precise needs of specifi c markets is clearly demonstrated in a niche sector of the automotive aftermarket industry. Colchester-based Walnut Dash Company is benefi tting from Hadleigh’s expertise and choice of products as a key part of the company’s application process, as owner Robert Batten explains – Hadleigh Enterprises has a well-established track record for the sourcing, cutting and supply of tape and masking products that meet a wide range of application needs – both commercial and industrial. Because the company can also cut and shape tapes to meet exact customer requirements – often via the use of technical and design drawings – its products become integral to customers’ production processes. The company’s work with Walnut Dash Company is an excellent example. “We supply the customer with double-sided “We specialise in the production of dashboard veneers which enhance the appearance of a range of vehicle interiors – from current prestige models to classic cars,” he says. “These are all targeted at the aftermarket and are used by both trade and DIY customers, and, in all cases, the quality, simplicity and reliability of the application process is vital. This is the context in which the Hadleigh tape products perform exactly as needed.” 28 DECEMBER 2018 Nitto tape products which are attached on one side to the back of its overlays,” says David Ogles, Director of Essex- based Hadleigh Enterprises. “The product incorporates a release liner which is removed during application. A simple heat source, such as a hand-held hairdryer, is then all that is required to produce the desired result.” Supplied by Hadleigh in 300mm wide rolls, Walnut Dash Company cuts the tape itself to create the exact size and shape required for each product, with the adhesive tape then applied to the reverse. Typically made from one millimetre veneer, the company can supply dashboard products in a range of finishes – not just walnut but also carbon fibre and aluminium, for example. Each is bonded to the existing dashboard layout with the double-sided tape. “Because the quality of adhesion is fundamental to our products, we have undertaken a thorough assessment of products that can met our requirements,” concludes Robert Batten. “It is clear that the solution that Hadleigh Enterprises can provide delivers not only in terms of adhesive performance and simplicity of application, but the support from David Ogles and his team also gives us vital confidence of supply, whatever the required quantity, and helps enhance the experience for all of our customers.” Telephone: 01268 572255 Email: Visit: twitter: @surfaceworldmag