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After the second small addition there was a sudden violent reaction and the whole solution exploded (the noise being heard the other side of the factory) spraying all over my arm. I knew that this was strong in caustic soda, so I headed for the shower and drenched myself. Even though this was a hot October afternoon the cold water was a shock to the system but an even greater shock was to happen when George (first aider) suddenly shouted “grab his arm” and it was then when I looked down at the water It was now a river of red. My first reaction was that this does not look good and to say all hell broke out was an understatement. George applied a tourniquet to stem the bleeding and about 5 minutes later I was in an ambulance on my way to Southampton General. During the journey I must admit that I was getting light headed but I was determined to make sure that I did not pass out. Fortunately, I knew my blood group and when they finished filling me back up I was told that I had lost 3 pints of blood. Once stabilised, the doctor came to see me and found that I had glass in the left side of my chest which had just missed puncturing my lung and that the artery in my arm had been cut by the flying glass. He treated the chest glass but when he came to the artery he said that because of the position he may have to take me down to the theatre and knock me out in order to sort it. Now this was an issue for me and I asked him if this was the case when would I be out of hospital. He said that it probably be best to stay until the Monday, but I said that this was not an option as I had booked to go and see The Shadows (my favourite guitar instrumental group) at the Bournemouth BIC and I was not going to miss it. The outcome was that I did see The Shadows and if it wasn’t for the staff at the hospital I may not have seen them ever again. industry has shrunk so much and also some of the constraints that have now been put on companies in terms of Health and Safety etc. Obviously, there were many questions asked during my time off from work with a lot of supply houses ensuring that their data sheets and MSDS were all in correct order but as they say I am still here to tell the tale. I hope you have enjoyed my nostalgia I have really enjoyed my 52 years in the business. I have been to places abroad that I would never have gone to and there have been good and bad times but certainly mostly good but what is sad is the way the John Burgess in electroplating and perhaps someone else would like to put their memoirs into print. Telephone: +44 (0) 121 622 7387 Email: Visit: We are Pure Water Equipment Specialists and provide an extensive range of water treatment systems and services to commercial and industrial clients throughout the UK. Providing a Full Turnkey Service means we can Design, Manufacture, Install and Commission a system based on specific produc(on needs or requirements. These Systems include: Deionisers I‐on‐x Exchange Cylinders Reverse Osmosis UV (Ultra Violet) Filtra(on Soeners Pumps and Tanks Spares and Consumables: ADEPT Pure Water Ltd can also provide service for: Break Down & Repair on ALL makes of Water Purifica'on Equipment Re-Condi'oning of all types of Water Purifica'on Equipment Tailored Service Agreements – Standard or Responsive op'ons available Site Survey and System Efficiency Reports for prospec've clients or Repair and Service op'ons for pre-exis'ng systems. ADEPT offer a choice of consumables including UV Lamps, Chemicals, Micron & Carbon Filters. We also offer Spare Parts, Tanks, Refurbished Water Equipment and more. Look out for the launch of our New ONLINE STORE COMING SOON ADEPT Pure Water Limited 36 Huxley Close, Park Farm South, Wellingborough, Northants, NN8 6AB