Surface World December 2018 Surface World Magazine December 2018 - Page 19 When the pressure is on, EnSolv ® 5408 critical cleaning makes the difference critical cleaning of oxygen systems engine management and information systems no stress cracking or embrittlement of titanium components bonding composite panels and fixings hydraulics for landing gear Take off – the ultimate test for all components and fabrications. EnSolv 5408 vapour degreasing solvent is the drop-in replacement for the carcinogen trichloroethylene. It can be used in any modern cleaning machine designed for solvents, and sets the benchmark for soil removal. As the only nPB based vapour degreasing solvent approved by Boeing for military and civil aircraft, EnSolv 5408 is also approved by the major gas suppliers and is used by NASA and Air Force maintenance facilities for oxygen line cleaning. EnSolv 5408 can be used with all metals and is tested and approved to clean titanium without embrittlement, as well as being compatible with most plastics and elastomers, carbon fibre and other composites. EnSolv 5408 kills and slows recolonisation of microbial growth in fuel systems. The high Specific Gravity suspends contamination and leaves no surface residues. biocidal cleaning of fuel systems Our specialist distributors throughout Europe can advise on applications and equipment with ongoing training for operators and information on regulatory changes. Contact us for more information about the successful use of EnSolv in your industry. EnSolv IONIC is an excellent cleaner, removing flux and other contaminants from circuits and connectors in engine management controls and information systems. Enviro Tech Europe Ltd Aissela, 46 High Street, Esher, Surrey, KT10 9QY, United Kingdom Tel +44 (0)208 281 6370 • Fax +44 (0)208 502 3531 • Email • Website The environmentally-friendly vapour degreasing solvent for all applications