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ELECTROPLATING, ANODISING & GALVANIZING Since 1973, Precious Plate has provided exceptional, selective electroplating services Precision Process is a full- service manufacturer of a variety of electroplating and chemical processing equipment. Precision Process designs and develops custom electroplating, electroless plating, and wet processing equipment for all aspects of product manufacturing and development. Our broad technical expertise and innovative designs are used in a wide array of industries. Clients as diverse as medical instrument manufacturers, electroplaters in the connector industry, steel strip producers, and our high-tech clients needing RFID and photovoltaic technology rely on Precision Process to supply them with complete systems custom tailored to their specific requirements. Precision Process is certified to t he ISO 9001:2008 quality management standard. This means Precision Process provides documented, quality systems evidence for the design and manufacture of custom wet process equipment. Adherence to this standard, along with an experienced staff, ensures that your specifications are met. Precision Process brings extensive knowledge and experience to every engineering project. With a team versed in mechanical, electrical, chemical, and electrochemical engineering 96 processes, Precision Process can concept, prototype, design, and implement solutions for the most difficult engineering challenges. The engineering team sees beyond the specifications and provides value in equipment design, control systems, material selection, and overall process flow to design efficient, cost effective systems. This can include Precision Process’s Automotion suite or other third party systems. Our experience spans designing electroplating and chemical process equipment, as well as general automation equipment. This depth of experience benefits customers in both realms: 1. Electroplating equipment can include automation where it typically hasn’t in the past. Equipment can be designed to leverage efficiencies perfected in the factory automation field but not generally used in the electroplating industry. 2. General automation equipment can incorporate better materials, such as plastics, found in the electroplating equipment that allow easier maintenance, better compatibility, and corrosion resistance. Precision Process designs and implements control systems for new and existing equipment. These services include: 1. Developing wiring schematics 2. Selecting electrical components 3. Programming PLC (programmable logic controllers) and HMI (human machine interface) software Not only does Precision Process implement control systems for new equipment, but it retrofits and upgrades control systems into existing equipment. SHOW GUIDE - AUGUST 2018 Precision Process manages projects from the ground up by developing schedules, holding design review meetings, tracking change requests, managing milestones, and much more. This attention to detail ensures your engineering projects are on time and within budget. Our Partnership with our sister company, Precious Plate Inc. creates a competitive advantage. Precision Process designs and installs the latest in reel to reel selective electroplating equipment for Precious Plate, located conveniently across the street. By working in conjunction with Precision Process, Precious Plate maintains their cutting edge industry position in selective electroplating processes, including selective spot plating, selective stripe plating, tin reflow, two-sided square pin plating and additive masking plating. Since 1973, Precious Plate has provided exceptional, selective electroplating services by continually adapting and improving electroplating equipment and processes to the specific needs of a wide variety of manufacturers of electronic components that include connectors, contacts, and pins. They customize their electroplating equipment and plating services to the specific needs of our customers. For additional information, please contact read online: