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ELECTROPLATING, ANODISING & GALVANIZING Does the Surface Treatment Industry need a form of VAR to improve their game? The soccer World Cup has focused the mind of millions of fans worldwide on the use of Video Assistant Referees (VAR) to help ensure the correct sporting decisions are made but would your business benefi t by having an independent assistant to help with equally diffi cult decisions? As the legendary Bill Shankly famously said “Some people believe football is a matter of life and death. I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that.” Presumably the millions of fans around the world along with FIFA agree with Bill’s sentiments, hence the massive commitment in new VAR technology. Similarly, from a business perspective making a major capital investment which doesn’t turn out to perform as expected can be equally threatening to the future well-being or even continued existence of your enterprise. When is VAR used? Three main incidents (plus one administrative) have been identified by FIFA as game-changing. Do these have direct parallels in the business world? GOALS “The role of the VAR is to assist the referee to determine whether there was an infringement that means a goal should not be awarded.” This clearly has a direct parallel in Business, has the “goal” been correctly achieved? In this case we utilise rig