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ELECTROPLATING, ANODISING & GALVANIZING MGDuff Zinga – Film-galvanizing for steelwork Asset Management With costs rising and managers looking for longer term asset survival, an appreciation of the benefits of Zinga one pack cold applied galvanizing system is a worthwhile study. A consideration of coatings as an engineering system rather than just ‘paint’ can save time, money and preserve asset value – especially where other development is dependent on the steel infrastructure. Advantages Zinga is a long term cost effective alternative to conventional hot dip galvanizing or painting. Of course conventional steelwork preparation followed by blasting to a required profile is also necessary for the application of Zinga; however that’s where the similarity ends! With a temperature tolerance of -12oC to +35oC and relative humidity up to 95%, coupled with a drying time of 10 minutes in the summer months, Zinga’s speed into service is unrivalled - preparation, application and into service same day! Where end of life projections exceed 15 years, thus outside of the remit of most 92 conventional coatings, Zinga will come into its own as simple jet washing is all that is needed for Zinga to be re-loaded, significantly reducing through-life costs. No further blasting is necessary. Zinga has many advantages over other coatings; electro chemically bonding with the metal, it can be welded through without porosity, and produces significantly lower amounts of fumes compared with HDG. Application to damp surfaces with no visible sheen can be achieved and post application it will not delaminate when bent or impacted. Zinga with also ‘throw’ up to 15mm to protect bare steel when attrition damage scores through the coating. Zinga has been used on bridges, sub-sea pipe-lines, oil platforms, railway structures, water tanks, electricity pylons, London Underground, Paris Metro, ships, nuclear submarines, nuclear power stations, telecom towers and many other structures. Repair of existing HDG Where hot-dip galvanising needs to be repaired, replaced or built-up in thickness, the surface just needs a sweep-blast at low pressure to roughen the surface, then Zinga can be applied. Treatment by brush, roller or spray gives the maintenance team complete flexibility, and coupled with the virtual ‘all-weather’ benefits above reduces down-time to a minimum. SHOW GUIDE - AUGUST 2018 read online: