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A – Z EXHIBITOR LISTING STAND D13 PCA N.V. GLOBAL WATER TREATMENT & INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION PCA nv is a Belgian company, specialised in developing, building, starting up and following up of water and air treatment installations. We offer custom-made turnkey solutions for waste water treatment as well as process water treatment and DI water STAND C1 Using chemical and pyro-chemical techniques materials are recovered and refined in-house. Our onsite laboratory has +44 (0) 1908 534091 info@vibratoryfi www.vibratoryfi AAS, ICP, MP-AES and XRF instrumentation for prompt & accurate analysis. PHOENIX COUNTY METALS LTD Examples of materials treated include: Spent Plating Solutions, Dragouts, Resins, Filters & Wipes, Plated Scrap, Jigs & Anodes. +44 (0) 1327 260581 Metals recovered: Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium & Rhodium. PLATING LINE ADVICE Resolve performance and technical issues with existing facilities. Will Green FIMF Surface Treatment’s answer to VAR Technical advice on new and existing surface finishing facilities for all industries and applications. More than 40 years’ experience of supplying and putting to work major plating line installations worldwide. Reduce possible new capital project risks by obtaining specialist advice. 64 abrasive media and compounds. PLC dosing of additives, water metering and recirculation, automatic parts separation, drying and acoustic suppression can all be supplied. Free advice, vibratory finishing trials and batch processing of samples are provided from the company’s Bletchley technical centre as well as a 24/7 subcontract finishing service. PHOENIX COUNTY METALS LTD The Electroplating and Metal Finishing industry generates waste, scrap & residues from which we can recover precious metals, giving you some value back for your waste. STAND G15 +32 (0) 53 21 33 55 PDJ VIBRO LTD Leading vibratory finishing specialist PDJ Vibro offers a comprehensive range of new and refurbished bowls, troughs, barrels and high energy centrifugal equipment for automated, consistent component deburring, descaling, edge breaking, surface finishing and superfinishing. Over 120 machines are in stock with flexible payment and buy-back solutions plus more than 120 tonnes of STAND E5 production units. Most of our references are in the surface treatment industry in Belgium, UK and France. With more than 25 years of experience, we have a great deal of expertise to provide the right solution for various sectors. Technical and Project Management support. Using specialist knowledge gained from a working life on the supply side of the industry will greatly advantage the purchaser in their decision-making process and offer peace of mind and reduction in risk factors. “Peace of Mind through Confidence” +44 (0) 7481 322263 Contact: Will Green FIMF LIVE 2018: SHOW GUIDE read online: