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A – Z EXHIBITOR LISTING STAND F17 PAINT FINISHING SYSTEMS LTD Paint Finishing Systems Ltd are a full service provider supporting the needs of our customers who have or are looking to obtain a Pre- treatment Plant, Drying Oven, Spraybooth, Curing Oven or Conveyor. Services include new plant, second hand equipment, servicing, refurbishment, relocation and modification. We are also a distributor of MS powder coating equipment and an agent for Eurotherm. STAND Q3 With offices based around the UK and a fully employed inspection team we pride ourselves on the quality of our work, by embracing Paint Inspection Ltd will also be demonstrating their commercially available inspection and contracting software IRIS and our daily site reporting system available to view at +44 (0) 1329 236092 Starting with the customer’s environment and application, our sales and engineering team works closely with each customer to determine the best solution to meet their needs. We continually pioneer profitable ideas for our customers, including equipment, processes and technology that best meets their surface preparation requirements or addresses their specific needs. +44 (0) 1352 712412 PANTATEC GmbH Blasting and Degreasing in one Step - The PantaTec method enables the degreasing of substrate surfaces directly when blasting. The automatic dosing system INJECTO 05 ensures process-reliable injection and mixing of the cleaning additive ULTIMATE into the blasting media. The cleaning additive removes oily and greasy residues directly from the metallic surfaces of the workpieces, blasting media and blasting equipment when 62 technology we are usually able to deliver a daily report before we even leave site. PANGBORN LTD With roots dating back to 1873, the Pangborn Group of brands has been assembled to provide surface preparation professionals a broad range of equipment designs and capabilities. Located in Europe and the USA, each brand is a technology leader in the wheel blast industry around the world. STAND B9 +44 (0) 1942 216090 Sales@paintfi www.paintfi PAINT INSPECTION LTD Paint Inspection Ltd are a Coating Inspection and Surveying Company that provides a rapid, first class service to clients by providing highly qualified Inspectors using our unique and innovative online reporting system. STAND B5 Our team of highly experienced and professionally trained engineers will manage and execute every phase of your project, from the initial contact to after sales service and support. With over 30 years’ combined experience in every aspect of paint finishing systems. blasting. With the PantaTec method, metal surfaces can be blasted virtually without the usual pre-cleaning (washing) and even be coated directly with suitable paint systems without subsequent cleaning. Effort and costs for degreasing by extra pre-washing and drying can be reduced. The blasting system also runs more economical and with higher power. LIVE 2018: SHOW GUIDE +49 5734 51488 50 twitter: @surfaceworldmag