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A – Z EXHIBITOR LISTING STAND J1 FAR-GB LTD FAR-GB LIMITED was formed 4 years ago, by specialist designer Francesco Zanon, for Ultrasounds Aqueous and Solvent Machine with over 25 years of experience in the high and specialist cleaning sector for create one support interface with more distributors of precision cleaning machine and specific cleaning process for applications old and new machine. STAND P7 +44 (0) 1590 684100 mail@fi Our company is still pushing the boundaries to bring the emerging technology of flameless catalytic infrared heating to a wider market. As part of this drive we have recently patented our Volatile Organic Compounds Abatement System which can be scaled to fit the needs of most industrial applications. +44 (0) 1388 777 027 info@fi FRASER TECHNOLOGIES At Fraser Technologies, we work closely with our customers to understand their challenges and use our expertise to offer best-in-class solutions. From component cleaning, electronics soldering, and heat transfer & carrier fluids we have built our expertise over the last 50 years through meeting technological advances, adapting to legislative changes and embracing environmental challenges. We offer expert advice, a range of world-leading chemistries and equipment, and a competent after sales service. We can he lp extend the life of existing processes and equipment, recommend 48 for over 60 years covering its’ range of instruments including XRF, hand held gauges, bench top instruments and nano-indentation testers. These ranges of equipment are now used the world over – wherever accuracy, precision and reliability are required. Based in Lymington and Warrington, Fischer is suitably placed to provide high quality technical support. FIT INFRARED (EU) LTD Our specialism is in the design, manufacture and supply of gas fuelled flameless catalytic infrared heating and curing systems for a range of industries. With more than 30 years’ experience we can offer you a full 360 degree service to cover all types of infrared applications. STAND C17 +44 (0) 7818 036170 FISCHER INSTRUMENTATION (GB) Fischer Instrumentation, part of the Helmut Fischer Group, has a long standing reputation for high precision and accurate premium equipment in coating thickness measurement and materials analysis, nano-indentation and material testing. Knowledge, expertise, experience – based on these principles, FISCHER has been developing innovative measuring technology STAND Q5 FAR-GB LIMITED offers consulting, for single customer dedicated mechanical/electronic and software for new applications. We offer & supply full maintenance, Installation, modification in all type closed, enclosed aqueous solvent machine. FAR-GB LIMITED, your passport for your precision cleaning. We design for Industry 4.0. and install new equipment, or look at how best to improve efficiency and reduce environmental impact. Companies from the aerospace & defence, electronics, medical, optics and automotive industries have chosen to work with us because of our expert knowledge in their industries, our independent range of products, and our can-do tried and tested approach to ensuring we provide access to the latest technologies – improving performance, productivity, environmental performance and operator safety. +44 (0) 1506 443058 Please come and visit us at stand C17 to discuss how we can help. LIVE 2018: SHOW GUIDE read online: