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A – Z EXHIBITOR LISTING STAND F11 BORER CHEMIE AG, SWITZERLAND Borer Chemie AG produces cleaning detergents for industrial parts cleaning, offering the full service for clients. This includes development of cleaning processes and installation on equipment of the user. For over 50 years Borer Chemie AG is renowned for complete service, support and know-how. To assure perfect cleaning results, Borer helps to install and start-up the process. The repeatability of the cleaning result is bolstered by high quality detergent products that meet the highest standards. STAND X0 +41 32 686 56 00 offi We offer aqueous and solvent cleaners for manual, spray and immersion applications, as well as vapour degreasers, all to meet performance and compatibility requirements of industries including aerospace, automotive, medical. Headquartered in Leeds, UK, we operate a network of 20 strategic sites across the UK and Ireland. We are proud to be announce our membership with SEA (Surface Engineering Association). +44 (0) 113 3879 200 Bühler’s PET sorting solution helps plastics recyclers increase yields by more than 30%. Bühler sets standards in the area of grinding and dispersion for powders, printing inks, coatings, electronic materials or fine chemicals. Bühler Ltd. are the UK agents for Borer Chemie AG, and will fulfil your requirement for industrial parts cleaning detergents. +44 (0) 161 866 2800 CALDAN CONVEYORS LTD CALDAN Conveyor A/S is a worldwide leading supplier of conveyor systems for the surface treatment industry. The company is located in Aarhus, Denmark, and is a well-established, modern technology company with 50 years of industry experience. CALDAN designs, manufactures & installs internal transport systems for automated painting processes & materials handling worldwide. 38 The UK representative is Buhler Ltd. based in Manchester, where customers may first obtain information and support. BUHLER LTD, UK Bühler Leybold Optics is one of the leading manufacturers of high-vacuum thin-film deposition systems, whereby thin-film coating is added to a substrate. This can be: moisture barrier for packaging foil, metal coatings, DLC coatings, high quality mirrors, electroplating seed layers, black coatings for optical slits. Our systems can coat rigid or flexible substrates as small as a few mm, to very large substrates of more than 20 m². STAND E1 Good cleaning represents added value and increases productivity. Borer Chemie AG, and its customers, are convinced that well managed industrial parts cleaning, is highly qualified and of great importance to industrial pr