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SURFACE WORLD LIVE 2018 – A WORD FROM YOUR EDITOR How can you beat The Brexit Effect and retain your competitive edge? By visiting Surface World Live! Surface World Live 2018 is being held on 19th & 20th September 2018, in Hall 11, NEC, Birmingham. business, or now might be the time to consider changing to a new EU based supplier that have considered all outcomes post Brexit and looked at what they can offer to ensure better terms that will allow continued trade at competitive rates after the UK leaves the EU. holding informative seminars and a series of work-shops during the two day show. The 2018 show is going to be the largest show for years where you can meet new suppliers covering all areas of the surface finishing industry including: Electroplating; Plant & Chemicals; Anodising; Galvanizing; Paint & Powder; Plant & Materials; Ovens; Spray-booths; Spray Guns; Process Heating; Surface Preparation; Pre-Treatment; Degreasing & Cleaning Machines & Chemicals; Pumps & Filtration; Water & Effluent Treatment; Conveyors, Jigs, Hooks, Materials Handling; Paint Robots; Testing & Measurement; Masking, Tapes, Caps & Plugs; Environmental Control, Fans, Energy Saving; and advice from the leading Trade Associations. Whichever way you are considering taking your business requirements a visit to Surface World Live 2018 is the perfect sounding platform to ask leading experts for advice and solutions to your surface finishing questions. If you are looking to streamline your supply chain to your customers, and also ensure you can offer competitive products, services and prices, visiting Surface World Live 2018 may also save you money as there will be plenty of exclusive offers and discounts only available to visitors at the show. With over 100 exhibitors covering every aspect of the Surface Finishing industry all under one roof you are sure to find what you are looking for. Many UK Companies who would normally be sourcing equipment and supplies throughout Europe are already finding that with the weak £ to € ratio they may get better value here in the UK. This is being termed ‘The Brexit Effect’ and could have a huge impact on your business trading terms as they currently stand. At the show you can also gain valuable knowledge by attending any of the seminars in the two live theatres: With trading terms between the EU and the UK currently unknown it may make better business sense to build stronger business links with UK based suppliers, many of which are already putting together new business strategies and prices to gain your valuable In Live Theatre 1 Stuart Alldis from Creative Digital Agency (CDA) will be on hand throughout the show to help you find out how to utilise your online presence to gain more customers and increase productivity and awareness of your business. He will be Live Theatre 2 sees the return of The Surface Engineering Association (SEA) with a packed series of informative seminars for everyone in the surface finishing industry. The SEA will also be present during the two days on stand KC8 within the Knowledge Centre. The British Surface Treatment Suppliers Association (BSTSA) will be returning this year after a successful first show in 2017. Within this area you can speak to representatives of the BSTSA and find out how they can help support your business and meet a selection of companies from within their membership. If you would like a hard copy of the magazine each month y H[XܚXBۛ[K\]˜\X]ܛ H[X›ۈ8&\XHܛXY^[x&K[XZ]\&XܚXH\XHܛXY^[x&H܂&XܚXH\XHܛY][XY^[x&H[\]H[\[ܛX][ۋHY][\[ۈ\YHو\H܈܈B\]]]HXܚ\[ۈ]H[H[XZ]BH\HXX[۝X[Y\B\XHܛ[ \XܞKY[H[ZHY\\HۈHX]B܈[HXY^[H]HX\ۘXH]BX\H[Y[X[ۈ M  [H\H[YH\[\›[ۜ]Z[XK Hܝ\YZ[[H]\XHܛ]H N[Hۙ\8$Y]܋\XHܛXY^[Kۜ܈و\XHܛ]H NH\HZ[HUH[Y\HR\XH[\[[\H\ۜY\XKHXY[\Y\H[\H[B]Z[XH܈[H\\XZ[Z[[܈[\[[\]\Hܙ\[\X\^] H]\[HHܝ[]H[[Y][X\HYH[YH[\[ۜˈ\\H^]YX[\X^H[\Xۈ[\\[\]XY[\Y\[[\ۙHوۈH N] \[X\]HP˂Y[X[X[Y[\X܋\XHܛ]H NY\][ۈ܈\XHܛ]H N\[ۛ[H\]˜\X]ܛ KXۈH8&Y\\][\XHܛ]H N8&H[[\]H[\]Z[XZ]H[\QHSB\K\[H^[Y܈[\YH\\ۈ\][]H˂RQH HUQT NXYۛ[N˜\X]ܛ