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A – Z EXHIBITOR LISTING STAND T0 BRITISH SURFACE TREATMENT SUPPLIERS ASSOCIATION The British Surface Treatment Suppliers Association (BSTSA) was founded in 1970 to represent the surface treatment supply industry in the United Kingdom. We now operate as a special interest group within the Surface Engineering Association (SEA) allowing us a stronger voice in lobbying on behalf of our industry. The principle objective of the BSTSA is to safeguard the future of the industry by STAND T1 models and services like COMPLEASE™ Chemical Leasing to optimise the balance between ecology, economy and social responsibility. SAFECHEM serves in close cooperation with a network of responsible distributors over 5,000 customers world- wide. Expert know-how around the entire cleaning process is offered by SAFECHEM via the CHEMAWARE™ Knowledge Services. +49 211 4389-0 process solutions. They have proven to be a reliable workhorse for over half a century. With numerous systems in service in the UK & Global Surface Treatment Industry, you can be confident a SERFILCO System will improve the clarity of your process solutions, increase production quality, and reduce process cost. +44 (0) 161 775 1910 SIEBEC UK LTD SIEBEC manufacture, supply and support, Pumps, Filter Systems, Filter media and Eductor Agitation Systems for applications including Anodising, Chemical milling, Etching, Phosphating, Plating, Pre-treatment, water and wastewater treatment. SIEBEC is one of Europe’s foremost manufacturers of Pumps & Filters for Electroplating and Chemical Processing. Product innovation and design sets SIEBEC apart. 22 +44 (0) 121 237 1123 SERFILCO INTERNATIONAL LTD SERFILCO International, based in Manchester and 2016 winner of the SEA Award for Outstanding International Contribution, is a leading global manufacturer of advanced thermoplastic and stainless steel chemical pumps, filters and agitation systems. SERFILCO products have gained global approval for recirculation purification of electroplating and chemical STAND T3 For further details, please contact Michaella Mais on 0121 237 1123 or email SAFECHEM EUROPE GmbH SAFECHEM Europe GmbH provides services and solutions related to the safe and sustainable use of solvents in surface cleaning. This includes the closed-loop SAFE-TAINER™ System for the safe and emission-free supply and take-back of solvents. SAFECHEM is committed to the principles of Responsible Care® and Product Stewardship and develops new business STAND T2 promoting best practice on sustainable production activities and techniques, whilst protecting our environment. A significant contribution towards this is made to UK manufacturing through the global expertise of the BSTSA membership. 20 years of experience designing and specifying Innovative AIR-LESS ® eductor agitation systems for UK customers. Delivering cost effective alternative to traditional air agitation, a safer working environment and typically greater process efficiency. Full range of chemical pumps both horizontal and vertical. Many pumps incorporate self re-priming and inbuilt strainers as standard. LIVE 2018: SHOW GUIDE +44 (0) 1785 227700 twitter: @surfaceworldmag