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move due to high viscosity or materials of an adhesive nature. Water flushing is also inefficient where the product value is such that waste must be kept to an absolute minimum. pass of ice slurry which is diverted to waste and melts. These time savings can then be incorporated into increased production. Ice Pigging as a solution The Ice Pigging process is a transferrable one, pipe cleaning effectiveness and time saving can be achieved in a diverse area of manufacturing process, Aerospace, Automotive, Chemical and Pharmaceutical, Defence, Electronics, Industrial Machinery and Paints and Coatings. Ice Pigging is a process that generates a slush ice mixture that has highly effective pipe cleaning properties, far greater than water. The ice slurry which is soft in consistency, flows like a liquid but has many of the properties of a solid. This means the Ice slurry flows through valves ]XZ^\[[\[ܜ]ˈH[\HZ[]HXH\HZ^[\]\\ܙX]\X\[ܘ\[]\]]Z[]œٝXHۜ\[HY]HX[[œ\˂XHY[[H\YY[X[YX\[œ\\\HHX[[\و[ٙ\\\[Hܚ]X[X[ۋ[\ݚ[œXZY[ \H\XXJH[YX[Y[YH][[B\Hو]\[[ZX[˂][H\Y\\وۙ[œ][]]HXZ[[[HBZ[ ]\وX ۝[Z[][ۋ[ٚ[B[\X]\X[˂[[Yܘ]Y[HX[ۈ\’XHY[XY]\^[[X[[œ\[ٝ[[HX[ۈوH[YHوB۝[[ۘ[]\\ M\]\\[8$ Z[]\XHY[]B\\[܈\HX[H]\\]H[BMHTS L XHY[›XX[BHTS L XHY[›XX[HX[\XBX[ۋܘYH[XH\H[]\H[ۙB[] HXX[H\\œXH]\[B[XYY^[[\\[ \]XB]HX[YX\[\X][ۊH[\]Z\Y[\Z]XH܈X[Z[\XBT K\H\XXKHXX[H\YHY\XH[[B[Yܘ]Y[X[YX\[X[]Y\˜]]X]X[HܙX]HZ[ܙYXH\H›YY]X[ۈ\]Z\[Y[ˈHTS L [H\Yۈ][\HX[ۈ[\”RQH HUQT N[ܙX\HXX[H][\][ۈ[\YܙKX^[Z\HX[ۈ[Y]˂HQVTS L XHY[XX[BݚY\[[ݘ]]H[\X\YX\]YH܈YHYX]HX[[و\B\[\[H\Y]HوX[YX\[Xܜ˂[\ۙN  H NLH LH \]˜Y^]\˝Z]\\X]ܛXY