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WATER & EFFLUENT TREATMENT Zero discharge of waste water at Corradi Corradi is an Italian manufacturer of ‘outdoor living’ (which is part of the international Renson group), located in Bologna. For the construction of terrace coverings it mainly uses aluminium as a sustainable resource. But aluminium requires a pre-treatment before it can be painted or processed. As part of their acquisition by Renson in 2015, they decided to invest in a new production unit, with a sustainable water purifi cation system. With the help of PCA, they succeeded in drastically reducing both their input of process water and their discharge of waste water. We designed a tailor- made system for them that combines a vacuum evaporator with an ion exchanger in a closed circuit. Vacuum evaporator The pre-treatment of aluminium requires a lot of water. Part of it is concentrated waste water that is traditionally treated in a physico- chemical way. The ecological water treatment installation at Corradi uses a vacuum evaporator instead. This heats the water via underpressure to a temperature of 85°C. The water evaporates and then condenses. This way, 90% to 95% of the wastewater is converted into distillate that is reused as process water. The remaining 5 to 10% concentrate contains all the polluted components and is collected separately for external treatment. The 166 SHOW GUIDE - AUGUST 2018 vacuum evaporator therefore ensures that we can reuse almos [وH\H]\[\\]Z\HHYۚYX[HX[\\Hق\]\[ۈ^[\\[H[[Y\وK]X]Y[ [Z[\[\Y]\\\Y[HB[[Z[][K[HY\Z] B[ۈ^[\[\\H۝[[\ق[Z[\[\Y]\H۝[Z[]Y[Z[]\HHK]X]Y[[H\™[Z[\[\YHH[ۈ^[H\[B[\\Y܈]\K\H\ق]\[H\[\H]\]Y ^HYY˜HY[\]Y XXY]\HB]\ܘ]܈\\Y[Y\Y[\][ۂ\]\\\YYYYZ[HH]\ܘ]܋HX[][ۈوX][H]\ܘ]܈[[ۈ^[\\[[H\\\Hق\H]\X[[[][ۈ\HYHY\XHY[H\XX[ZX[][ۋ]H^H[Y][ܙH[XZH\܂\ˈ\و[ [HYY]\[ZX[˜[[ܙH[\\ˈ[Y][ۋ[B]HۈZ[H\][ۘ[[ۚ]ܚ[[\YܙH[ۈܚ[\ˈ[[K[Bۙ\]H\\H\H]\\]Y][^H^\[[Z]B]\\\H\]Z\Y܈HX[ۂ\˂H\Y\]\\\]\قH[[][ۈ[Y\\ۈ[X[XZ[[[K\H[H[܈H\Z[XH[\]]B܈[\\XX[ZX[]\X]Y[“܈[HYYHY\[\Hو]\X]Y[[[][ۏ[۝X\[\ݙ\H\H][ۈ܈[\؛[K[\ۙN ̈ H L H MB[XZ[[^ۙܛ\ B\]˜]]\B]\\X]ܛXY