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WATER & EFFLUENT TREATMENT Biochemit Environmental Ltd can help with all of your metal fi nishing effluent treatment needs The automotive, aviation and other metal fi nishers produce large quantities of rinsewater and spent process bath effluents. Changes in legislation and accepted practices have had an impact on the nature of the effluents produced and this had led to a change in treatment technologies. Biochemit Environmental Ltd have had over 35 years’ experience with these wastewaters. We can offer fully interpreted analytical services, laboratory scale treatability studies and full scale remediation packages. We offer the following services:- pH correction / metal precipitation Hexavalent chromium reduction and precipitation Cyanide oxidation and destruction Phosphate removal Electro-paint treatment Fluoride removal from pickling effluents Precious metal recovery Organic anodising effluent treatment Full automation including sensors and control panels Dosing pumps and day tanks 164 Fully automated treatment plants De-ionisation plants Rinse water surveys to investigate the reduction of volumes and costs Biochemit Environmental Ltd can help with all of your metal finishing effluent treatment needs. In addition to the above we also, in association with Cadantis, offer the following services: Most industrial applications generate vast quantities of wastewater through operational processes and general site drainage. The charging structures employed by the water companies can be complex and often charging policy and calculation errors are made resulting in many commercial operations being substantially overcharged or even put at risk of criminal compliance prosecution. Biochemit Environmental Ltd offers a complete audit and rectification service, using associates to review water company service usage and charging for clients with a team of technicians, scientists and water charging experts backed by in-house legal support Our service operates on a no win, no fee basis so in the unlikely event that our experts find things as they should be, you have received a free health-check and you have a professional contact for future developments. Corporate directors have a duty to ensure operational efficiency and an obligation to pursue the corporate debts that arise when inappropriate charges have been paid – Biochemit/Cadantis helps SHOW GUIDE - AUGUST 2018 secure these duties and obligations for you within our sphere of operation Some examples from our operating processes follow:- Site surveys to confirm water company service usage. Drainage assessment to detect leakage and water company asset use. Recovery of historic overcharging on all water company service provisions: water supplied, used water taken away, surface water drained and trade effluent disposed of. Offer options to address different tariffs for clients. Advise on methods to minimise wastewater generation. Provide a technical review on wastewater re-use and recommendations on the technologies required to achieve substantial further savings. Offer wastewater treatment plant optimisation advice. For more information please contact us on:- Telephone: 07538 482767 Email: or Visit: twitter: @surfaceworldmag