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TESTING, MEASUREMENT & INSPECTION TQC aim to become a one stop shop for all coating clients needs TQC Sheen are part of the American Industrial Physics Group and provide a Development Hub for all the groups activities relating to Coatings around the World. TQC aim to become a one stop shop for all coating clients needs. upgrades have been made to the existing product range with specialist items like Curvex Data Loggers and Cupping Testers all being upgraded in recent times , in particular TQC Sheen have worked tirelessly within Gloss Standardisation to develop products which can generate real and tangible data the evidence of which will be seen with a forthcoming launch. The TQC Sheen business goes from strength to strength under its new ownership and we welcome all clients old and new to join us on Stand B8 at Surface World where a friendly welcome awaits and professional and experienced advice awaits. Email: or Telephone: +44 208 2550143 Visit: If is a new project , cross engineered application or something from the vast TQC Sheen range it can be handled. TQC Sheen are very much a development driven company with many new concepts and upgrades being produced on an annual basis. In addition when it comes to advice look no further than TQC Sheen not only do we have people with great experience in Mechanical , Electrical and Pneumatic Design we have people who having worked In the coatings industry understand the needs of Coating Clients. The new range of products from the TQC Sheen development facility take Physical Testing to a new level with the option to not only add optical and monitoring devices to the application but to save and download all the relevant data in a report format for future reference by clients and clients customers. The Automatic Film Applicator and Washability and Abrasion Tester fall into this criteria and are spectacular new additions to the product range. In addition new 162 SHOW GUIDE - AUGUST 2018 twitter: @surfaceworldmag