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BSTSA British Surface Treatment Suppliers Association The British Surface Treatment Suppliers Association (BSTSA) was founded in 1970 to represent the surface treatment supply industry in the United Kingdom. We now operate as a special interest group within the Surface Engineering Association (SEA) allowing us a stronger voice in lobbying on behalf of our industry. The principle objective of the BSTSA is to safeguard the future of the industry by promoting best practice on sustainable production activities and techniques, whilst protecting our environment. A significant contribution towards this is made to UK manufacturing through the global expertise of the BSTSA membership. Aims & Objectives For the mutual support and benefit of its members the aims & objectives are: - To encourage higher standards of quality in the surface treatment industry Mission Statement The British Surface Treatment Suppliers Association is dedicated to the promotion and continuous improvement of the surface treatment industry to the mutual benefit of its members and the customers they serve. Members are committed to upholding the highest standards of quality, health and safety and environmental protection. To expand the market for surface treatment products To promote the benefits of surface treatment products and processes to manufacturing industry For more information, please contact: To promote development and use of innovative surface treatment technology Telephone: 0121 237 1161 Visit: A T A B L E · P E R E A C C U R AT E D O R P O E U R T A ER G P M N I E N T FI L V E · Accu rately measure yo our product and o ven W H P S H U D W X U H  S U R À O H V  Z L W K  W K H  ( O F R P H W H U      2 Y H Q  ' D W D  / R J J H U  D Q G  ( O F R 0 D V W H U ®  V R I W Z D U H  H O F R P H W H U b"