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TESTING, MEASUREMENT & INSPECTION Top reasons to choose Hitachi High-Tech’s X-Strata920 Accurate and reliable XRF analysis is a crucial part of production processes across many different industries across the world. With Hitachi High-Tech recently announcing the expanded capabilities of the established X-Strata920 XRF coatings analysers to include a new high resolution detector and a new sample stage configuration, we look at the top reasons to choose an X-Strata920. Accuracy The X-Strata920 is a high-tech solution to a wide variety of coating thickness and materials analysis challenges. By combining a large-area proportional detector and a micro-focus X-ray tube, the X-Strata920 provides the best accuracy in its class. Intuitive software The X-Strata920 uses an expanded version of the SmartLink platform, which is designed to simplify routine analysis and allow minimally trained operators to achieve the same results as expert technical staff. Advanced users can also benefit from the combination of intuitive operation and powerful analytical features that give both their capabilities and productivity a boost. Flexibility The X-Strata920 has been optimised for hundreds of applications including PCB surface, connector coatings, corrosion resistance, decorative finishes, wear resistance, high-temperature resistance and more. When no calibration standards are available, fundamental parameters method provide simple and reliable quantitative results. Configuration options The X-Strata920 is designed to fit parts of all shapes and sizes, from the very small to the long and skinny. A mini-well chamber also means that the taller parts can be measured in a fast and non-destructive way. 1) Base configuration The standard base features a slotted chamber that allows the measurement of a wide range of samples from small components to large, flat printed circuit boards (even those that exceed the width of the instrument). The mini-well base takes care of taller samples, and a programmable base can provide automatic measurements. By using the programmable base, you can make sure you are achieving a high sample throughput even when the operation is unattended. The proportional counter is suited for operations that need to accurately and reliably identify single elements. For those that need to identify multiple elements, or who have the possibility that the coatings they use may change in the future, the SDD allows you to better future-proof your operations. By utilising lower noise, the SDD is capable of detecting thinner coating and giving a cleaner view of the gold peak. The X-Strata920 with its [HقۙY\][ۜ[[X][ۜݚY\›X[YX\\H]X[]HX\[YH܈Z\X[ۜ˂]XH\Y[HXY\[B][[\H܈ YX\[\[H[Y\[[ZBH T]NL PVH \Y\˜[RH\Y\˂܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۈ\]˂]XKZYX KH܈[XZ[۝X]XKZYX X\˘B\[Hو[ۜYX[]\\[[\H\]XYX][ۜ\HY][B\H\ۋ[[YKXۜ[Z[›ݙ\\][[K]ܚ\Z[[Z\Y HXHو]Xܜ•H T]NL\HXHق]XܜBܝ[ۘ[[\[B[ܙKXY[Y[XۈY]X܈  KH[[[\\ X\[[[\][]\X[\ܝX\[Z\H[[H]وYX\\[]˜[\X][ۜ˂XYۛ[N˜\X]ܛ BRQH HUQT NMM