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PosiTector Inspection ® Unrivaled probe interchangeability for all of your inspection needs. n Ferrous n Non-Ferrous n Combination n Ultrasonic n Depth Micrometer n Replica Tape Reader n Built-in n Separate Magnetic Probe n Corrosion n Multiple Echo Thru-Paint WiFi Build your own kit from a selection of gage bodies and probes to suit your needs. ����������� ��������� ���������������� QUICK CONNECT The PosiTector gage accepts ALL coating thickness (6000/200), environmental (DPM), surface profile (SPG/RTR), and ultrasonic wall thickness (UTG) probes. Award Winning Compatibility! DeFelsko Corporation • Ogdensburg, New York USA • Tel: +1-315-393-4450 Email: techsale @ 1-800-448-3835