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TESTING, MEASUREMENT & INSPECTION Two Measuring Solutions for Surface Profi le DFT Instruments, the exclusive distributor of DeFelsko coating thickness gauges and inspection instruments in the UK, offers two solutions for measuring surface profi le: the PosiTector SPG Surface Profi le Gauge, a depth micrometer fi tted with a fi ne pointed probe and the PosiTector RTR Replica Tape Reader, a digital spring micrometer. PosiTector SPG The PosiTector SPG series measures and records peak-to-valley surface profile height in accordance with international standards. Integral and two cabled probe versions are available. The PosiTector SPG-S shares the same measuring specifications as the built-in probe but with a 1m cable for easier handling. The PosiTector SPG-CS series, on the other hand, offers an extended range and rounder tip for measuring the profiles of textured coatings. Available with either Standard or Advanced features and the choice of built-in or cabled probes, the PosiTector SPG series has a fast measurement rate of over 50 readings per minute making it ideal for quickly measuring surface profile over a large area. All probes feature a durable alumina wear face and field replaceable tungsten carbide probe tips for long life and continuous accuracy. PosiTector RTR The PosiTector RTR series measures and records surface profile parameters using TestexTM Press-O-FilmTM Replica Tape. Replica tape is simple, relatively inexpensive and one of the most popular field methods for measuring surface profile. Replica tape consists of a layer of compressible foam affixed to an incompressible polyester substrate of highly uniform thickness. When pressed against a roughened steel surface, the foam collapses and forms an impression (replica) of the surface. The PosiTector RTR-H gives a measure of the surface profile height (ASTM D4417 Method C – Replica Tape). Surface replicas obtained using replica tape contain far more information than just peak height as measured by a micrometer. The patented NEW PosiTector RTR 3D captures high-resolution 3D surface imagery and common 2D/3D parameters. Ideal for field or laboratory use on flat, curved, or irregular surfaces. Simply create a replica by burnishing tape onto the surface and insert into the instrument. In seconds, the hand-held PosiTector RTR 3D displays imagery and measures common 2D and 3D profile parameters such as Ra, Rz, Sq and Spd, traceable to a national laboratory. Download parameters and high resolution SDFs (surface data files) into the included PosiSoft or third-party software for further analysis at a cost far less than interferometric or confocal profiling devices. With a single measurement, the PosiTector RTR Series produces a more accurate linearized peak-to-valley height measurement (HL) over the full range of Coarse and X-Coarse tapes. There is no need to average two or more replicas as required with analog micrometers. The PosiTector gauge body accepts all PosiTector probes easily converting from a surface profile gauge to a coating thickness gauge, dew point meter, soluble salt tester, hardness gauge, infrared thermometer or ultrasonic wall thickness gauge. For more information call DFT Instruments at 01442 879494 or visit 154 SHOW GUIDE - AUGUST 2018 twitter: @surfaceworldmag