Surface World August 2018 (Show Guide) Surface World Aug 2018 - Page 154

TESTING, MEASUREMENT & INSPECTION Touch the colour with spectro2guide – Next generation colour measurement by BYKGardner BYK-Gardner - worldwide partner of the automotive, paint and plastic industries for quality control of colour, appearance and physical properties - is introducing the new spectro2guide, the revolution in colour measurement. predict how the colour will change when fluorescence has degraded. This combination of a spectrophotometer with a fluorimeter opens up completely new perspectives to not only control colour harmony, but also to analyze the colour stability with measurement of fluorescence. Beside the combination of innovative measurement methods, the spectro2guide uses innovative, high performance LED technology as light sources. Due to the outstanding performance of these QHܝ ]\Kۙ]\H[[\\]\BX]\Hو][[Y[\۝\YۋH ˍx'H\XܙY[\[^\[BY][ۈ[X\K]\XY H\X[Z\H܈HXۋX\YY[KX[[[Z]]HX\ۙHZH\][ۂ[H[Yܘ]Y[Y\K]H]B]Y]وHYX\\[Y[\XH[\BX\H][ۚ[[][[BXY[ۈ[\\X[ۜ܈ܘ]\˂\H\XY]\ۈHX\] HX̙ZYHٙ\]]XYۛ\[[]]X]X[X][ۈ[[ۋ\XKH]B[X][ۂ[\\˜[^\XY[H[XXB[X][ۈ\™X\[YY [Y][ۋ]H[ٙ\\]\Y[X\Y\܈[ܙB^XKBX̙ZYBٙ\YBX[]Y\΂XH[œ][ۈ܂\XBۛXY]TЈXH܂\[\]BKQH[[ۋZ\H[\^X][ۜ˜[]XYB܈H]\HBZH]YX\܋H]X̙ZYBX[\\[YX\\[Y[[ۙH[[Y[ \][H]\BYX\\[Y[و[ܙ\[HYX\X[]KZHH[ܚ[Y]\B[ܙ\[Y[H]XY\[›[ۛX]X[[Z[][ۈ[܈H\[YH]\[8!^\[H[[]YŒMLX[]H\[\H[[[\š[[Z[][ۈ\H[\\Y[B[\K\H\[ H\\[܈X\XH[^[[[\Z[[Y[YܙY[Y[[H\HوY][[\˂\]YXH\\[Y[YH]X\K]]\H\][ۈ[[[˂RQH HUQT N[ܙH[ܛX][ۈ\]Z[XHBRQ\\X  ˈM  L\]ܚYY \X[NH^KN MKLLLM HYH\XBˈ N Y\\ N M ͌B܈ۈH[\]]˘Z˂K[[Y[œXYۛ[N˜\X]ܛ