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PUMPS & FILTRATION Hendor-pe UK Ltd – More than just a fi lter supplier! Hendor-pe have been successfully trading in the UK for more than 16 years now and since that date much has changed with regard to product development from within the large range of products we supply. From Hendor, celebrating 70 years in excellence in pumps and filtration, we determined that the market was requiring lower energy consumption, similar to what has been happening with electric motors from IE1, IE2 to IE4 We have noticed that customers are also selecting pumps based upon required energy This request called for a higher efficient pump, higher efficiency allows smaller motors. To increase pump efficiency, we implemented a 3D simulation software TURBOdesign Suite, which was used to achieve maximum efficiencies throughout our larger ranges of vertical sealless and magnetic drive pumps. The key and most important feature is an efficiency improvement of over 40%. This enables the user to save money twice; 1. The new models perform with motors one size smaller, reducing the buying price. 2. With the higher efficiency, the power consumption is reduced leading to lower electricity costs. From plating electronic (pe) the introduction of the pe4606 range of compact, digitally controlled and competitively priced Switch Mode Power Supplies have proven to be very well accepted in the UK metal finishing industry. The single cassette version can give outputs of up to 300A in a unit which weighs only 13kg! The double cassette has outputs to 600A and weighs 24kg. Also within this range is a triple cassette with outputs to 1200A. We can also install multiple units (typically 24 units) within a single cabinet all prewired. Being switch mode they are extremely efficient and have a low output ripple typically less than 1%. We have also increased the maximum output from our single cabinets, our new water cooled cabinet pe5910W can reach outputs up to 10,000A or 1000V, more output can be achieved by parallel or serial connection of multiple cabinets With our new range of Colour Anodising Units pe8705, you define the colouring times. Whether EURAS C-31or C-35 Black, you define the process times and not your processes, thanks to our switch mode power supply technology and newly developed microprocessor technology we are able to achieve improved variable current waveform for the colouring process, as a result we can lengthen the short colouring times for lighter colours if desired. manufacturers, some of our biggest In-House and Sub-Contract Platers, F1 Constructors, and Government Installations. We are by no means the biggest in the UK, but we have experience and exceptionally high quality products at co