Surface World August 2018 (Show Guide) Surface World Aug 2018 - Page 147

PRE-TREATMENT, SURFACE PREPARATION, DEGREASING & CLEANING Aqueous cleaning and surface treatment equipment from a single source At this year’s Surface World Live show, Turbex (, a specialist provider of surface treatment lines, industrial washing machines and non- destructive test inspection systems, will highlight its ability to supply problem- solving solutions to meet customers’ needs. They include turnkey systems for large scale production applications and flexible line confi gurations for processing complex parts to a superior standard. The Turbex product portfolio includes the Galvatek range of surface treatment lines for applications such as chemical cleaning, etching or anodising. More than 600 turnkey installations in over 35 countries have been designed, delivered and installed. A Galvatek anodising line supplied by Turbex. A high precision aqueous cleaning line from Turbex. Continuous development ensures that technological advances create better and more efficient procedures for industries where precision and fault-free operation are required. The equipment is typically automated and is renowned for modern technological developments that ensure efficiency, reliability and low emissions. Turbex is also market leader in the UK for the supply of aqueous cleaning and drying systems for batch or in-line processing, which will also be promoted at the show. There are over 100 standard models in the range including front- and top-loading spray washers, multi- stage automatic or manual ultrasonic systems, bench top and floor standing ultrasonic machines, precision machines with basket rotation and flood options, and tunnel cleaning lines. One range of machines uses a world-patented system whereby rotation of the holding basket and spray jets is individually adjustable, allowing them to rotate in the same or opposite directions. Programs can be tailored, together with other movement options such as rocking of the basket, to wash even the most complex parts efficiently. The equipment is aimed primarily at high-precision applications, with t