Surface World August 2018 (Show Guide) Surface World Aug 2018 - Page 145

PRE-TREATMENT, SURFACE PREPARATION, DEGREASING & CLEANING Pressure blasting and degreasing with PantaTec’s dosing system INJECTO 05 However, repeated interruption of the blasting operation only leads to a very limited and interrupted flow of the blasting media. Due to all these specific characteristics of pressure blasting systems, continuous replenishment of the additive has been very difficult to achieve and often unreliable. With enhanced development, the INJECTO 05 metering unit is able to adapt to the repeated interruption in operation for manual blasting. The new INJECTO controller can now use the electrical or pneumatic signal of the remote handle (dead man’s switch) to detect whether or not blasting is running and additive is required. Very often only one pneumatic signal is available. In this case, signal conversion is additionally installed with the aid of a standardised P/E (pressure/electric) converter. The artificially generated electrical ON/OFF signal can then activate the dosing program. This special software for intermittent operation of the blasting system then ensures continuous metering of the pre-set amount of cleaning additive. When the blasting process is therefore interrupted, by “opening t BXYX[&\]8'KH\\\\\Y H\H[[\[YYXBHH\[H B[[]\[XYH[XYBK\][[[وX[[Y]]H[BY [X]Y [H\XBY \Y][UX[YBXYۛ[N˜\X]ܛ B]]HH\H\[B\[\[ \X[XZ\[ۈقY]]H\Z^Y]H\[YYXB\[HX\]Y[ˈ\][Y[ܚ\\[\]Y[\[›XX[\ˈ\H\[ \\H\[œ\[\[\HH[UX\]H\]Z\Y\[XX[]K\˜\Y\]ٚ][][[][ۜ˂[\ۙN H M LM L[XZ[[[]X˙B\]˜[]X˙B][X]XYۘ[HH[[KX۝ 8'XYX[&\]8'JB]Yۘ[۝\[ۈ܈]]X]X[[]RQH HUQT NM