Surface World August 2018 (Show Guide) Surface World Aug 2018 - Page 142

PRE-TREATMENT, SURFACE PREPARATION, DEGREASING & CLEANING Kemet provide perfect solutions with a quality glow At the forefront of precision lapping and polishing technologies, Kemet International Ltd provide innovative solutions to achieve precise geometry and fi nish. Maintaining this fi nish is key so Kemet have established strategic partnerships with world leading manufacturers of ultrasonic and vibratory cleaning equipment and aqueous based cleaning fluids. Kemet offer the Finnsonic range of modular industrial ultrasonic cleaners (45 to 1,200 litres) with rinse tanks, hot air dryers, filtration and transport systems, providing a complete process line. Larger, more complex systems can be designed and manufactured for specific applications - from large single tanks to fully automated mass production systems. Kemet also offers a robust range of bench top cleaners from 5 to 45 litres. All are designed for use with aqueous detergents, which produce stronger ultrasonic cavitation action than solvents and are more environmentally acceptable. Kemet offer biodegradable cleaning fluids from NGL Cleaning Technology, with over 300 standard cleaning fluids (neutral, alkaline or acid types), including non-foaming products for spray wash systems, all supported by free trials by Kemet’s technical specialists to establ