Surface World August 2018 (Show Guide) Surface World Aug 2018 - Page 128

PAINT & POWDER PHOS-PREP ® for reliable solutions to today’s problems Pre – Treatment Solutions Ltd provides unique chemistries for multi-metal processes that is the latest generation of phosphating options and replacements. Our diverse chemistry knowledge and partnerships with international companies has helped make PTS a technological leader of metal pre-treatment in industries, ranging from aerospace to architectural applications. The PHOS-PREP ® line of products serve as the backbone chemistry for many applications. We have \\Y]R\][Š\[[Y\[ Hٙ\\]Z\Y[][YܙXHٙ\[H[[ۙBUU UTK]X]Y[\[H \][ \[ݙ[˂TT0MU\[[XY[܈[\\]\KYH[\]]H\ۂ[[]\ˈ\HX[]Bܚۈ\ۋY[[\[\ܛ\ق[[Z[][H [\Y][HXZ\]B\XYXY[[XX[[\H]\Yܛ[\H\[\Y\›و^KHX]Y[][ۜٙ\TT0L8$ ӈQJHH[XB\܈\]X\[[[Z[][H[][BY][\X][ۜ]^[[\ܛX[B\[^YY[H\]Z\[Y[وYB\Y\ۈHY[\\\˂TT0N 8$\\[[ݘ[[\ۈ]H\[XY]Y[ۙB\[[Z[]\HYH[XYHœ\]Y\\]ٚ[\˂ۈ]Hۜ[][ۈ\XH\^\Y[Y[X܈\؈ۙ\\ݙ\HYX\وۛYH][H\][X܈[\]]H[ۙX[\Z[[\[ۈݙ\[K]X]Y[\X][ۈو\ \[Y]܂X[\\K[[H\]Z\H[XX[YXH \XH [XXH\][ۜ[X\H[HX]Y[][ۜH HH[HZ[HXYX\]ۈX]]KTT0܈[XXH][ۜ^x&\؛[\˂\]\[H8$•[\ۙN  H H L L•\]˜]X]Y[][ۜ