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PAINT & POWDER Maximize productivity by using precision process control with the Encore HD Powder Spray System Ergonomically engineered to fi t like a glove, the Encore HD spray gun is a light and best-balanced gun, making the painter’s job easier for more consistent and repeatable coating performance. The gun design also improves reach into part cavities, and improved maneuverability around and between densely racked parts. The Encore HD manual spray system is virtually plug-and-play making it a snap to set-up and spray right away. Several other features of the Encore system make operation and colour change convenient and simple. Right at your fingertips and without taking your eyes off the part, the Encore manual spray gun gives you the control you need for the quality you demand. Use it to spray any organic coating material, including textures and even the most challenging metallics. Make Fast Adjustments on the Fly On-Gun controls with large, bright LED display and helpful lighted icons, combined with a Nordson-exclusive auxiliary trigger, give the painter all of the control and visual feedback to optimize coating performance and know exactly what gun settings have been selected at all times. The Encore gun’s PowerPurge feature, another Nordson exclusive, cleans the powder path from the base of the handle through the entire gun, preventing powder 122 The must-have accessory for the Encore manual spray gun range that’s precisely what powder coating perfectionists have been looking for: The Encore nLighten LED kit. build-up in the gun for optimum spray performance with all powders. HDLV Pumps: Reduce rework and waste, use automation to increase production, reduce downtime and running costs. Advanced electrostatic controls deliver the broadest range of the performance optimization capabilities with any product or powder. The precise current control below 10 µA delivers smooth finishes on difficult to coat products and when working with metallic powders. Introducing the Encore® nLighten™ LED kit for Encore Manual Powder Guns at Surface World Make no mistake. The new LED kit, exclusively for the Nordson Encore manual gun range, is set to give switched-on powder coaters the advantage when it comes to improving quality and reducing rejects - particularly when it’s dark or dusty. The lightweight unit fits directly on the gun, lighting up the surface being sprayed and enabling fast inspection and approval of the job. Yet another bright innovation from Nordson. Reduce or eliminate rejects or rework Effectively expose light powder coverage in flat areas, extruded profiles, deep recesses and cavities on the fly. Reduce material waste Optimum light levels enable precisely targeted powder application to reduce waste and save on material costs. Increase efficiency The all-in-one application and inspection tool gives every operator the power to both SHOW GUIDE - AUGUST 2018 spray and inspect, reducing the need for post-coating quality checks. Improve safety Zone 21 & Class II, Division 1 safety rating means safe, reliable illumination in hazardous areas. Product features Designed following extensive feedback from powder coating professionals, nLighten LED kit provides all the practical features you demand: Gun trigger activated Stays on for 15 seconds after spraying Variable brightness modes - coating or inspection Easy to retrofit on all Nordson Encore manual guns Visit Nordson from September 19-20, 2018, at the Surface World Show (N