Surface World August 2018 (Show Guide) Surface World Aug 2018 - Page 122

PAINT & POWDER International Applications Appointed as UK Distributor for Helios Industrial Coatings International Applications (IAL), through their Japanese stakeholder Eguchi Iwao, have recently been appointed as the UK distributor for Helios industrial paint and coatings. Relatively unknown in the UK market until now, Helios provides industrial coating solutions for a vast array of industries and applications, both in liquid paint and powder coatings. They own over 18 well established brands such as Rembrandtin, Thermodur, Ecopolifix and Color Powder Coatings. These areas of speciality allow Helios to provide suitable coatings solutions to many industries, in particular, in the metal coatings sector where they cater for general industrial coating, commercial transportation, rail, agriculture, construction and earth moving equipment, automotive manufacture, high heat resistant systems, zinc flake coatings and protective coatings for architectural structures. Established in 1924, Helios is part of the Kansai Paint group, one of the fastest growing paint companies and is now recognised as being one of the world’s top ten paint manufacturers. With manufacturing sites in over 43 countries across the globe, they supply paints for products across the full industrial spectrum, from small and delicate electronic devices all the way through to large commercial buildings and container ships. Llewelyn Mulder, Managing Director of IAL commented “These are very exciting times for IAL, for many years we have serviced various parts وH][[\K\Z[š[\ݚ[\[Z\][ۋYX[˜[[ܙX\[]X[]HY] [HZ\\X][ۈ]\[ۈ\Y\ݙ\L R\X]ܜ[X\[BY[\ [\X[ YܚX[\[[XXXܜ˂\]XHZ[[[ۜ[XX\˂\[\^\[KH]H[YX[B\[Y\[\ݙHZ\\\B[\[[Z\؛[\[ٙ\[HZ]XH][ۋ\]YܙY[Y[][[]\\X\H][]YHق[[XX[\][][[\\XH\\وH][š[\K'BX]YXH][’PS[H\[[[]H\XBܛ]H]HPH N]8$Œ\[X\\[H^H[H[\YۙHX\[ۈ܈\Y\^Hܚ[\\[H\›ٙXX[H][[[&\][][ۜš[HRX\] ܚY[[H\X\Y[ NL [YXKYXH][\\[&\XY[\Y\ق]][]H[[\X[Z[][X[[[Y\]\]ؘ[X[ۋ[[H\Y\[Y[[B[Z]X\K[Y][ۈZY\[\BٙX\H\[H\Y[ۘ[XY]X\\[[K[ۙ\XH[]YXK[H\ݙ\و L KX][\][ۘ[\X][ۜ’PS\Hؘ[][[ۜ[XX\œ\HZ[XX[\ \[\Y\[H\Y[\ SKXX ]][]BX[YX\K[\X[[\]B[\Y\ˈ^H\HH\Z[]Bܝ[وZ[][ۜ[XX\˜[\]Z\Y[[\H^\]H\X]ܜ›و[[H\\ݘ^X\]\[ZX[H\[\[\˂Z\^[]H[Hٙ\\Y\BX[]HX\ݙ\ XBݙ\ Y\[X[YX\\\[\ۙHܙ\[ Z\[\X[[]][]H]\[ۈٙ\XX[\[\YB\H[\X[[SH\Y\\\[ܛX][ۈX][\][ۘ[\X][ۜ[[[[ZH[B[ۈH[X]\΂˚[\][ۘ[ X\X][ۜ˘B˚[[Yܛ\ ]B˚[ZKB\XHܛ]H M]H  H[ܙX\H[[ H N\YXYH][\Y\[[HYܙH\OŒN] \[X\ N [ LKP\Z[[BLRQH HUQT N˜\X]ܛ BXYۛ[N˜\X]ܛ