Surface World August 2018 (Show Guide) Surface World Aug 2018 - Page 120 PAINT & POWDER HMG Primers Range: The Benefi ts of the Multi-coat System Corrosion is the natural process in which a metal is eaten away and changed by chemical and/ or electrochemical action from exposure to the environment. When the substrate is steel, corrosion is usually referred to as rusting and is a formation of iron oxides in the presence of oxygen, water, salt and other chemicals such as acids that may accelerate the process. Rusting leads to huge costs for the end user if the steel is not suitably protected. Poor protection leads to more frequent maintenance, repair and replacement. HMG Powder Coatings have revisited primers and the technology available for steel and corrosion protection. Having had the opportunity to start with a blank canvas together with extensive field data and testing we are ready to launch an easy to understand Primer Approach to Corrosion Protection. Epozinc 1000 - Epoxy based zinc rich primer is still a great performer where you need a sacrificial coating prior to applying topcoat product is a superb alternative if you are currently applying a single coat Polyester DuoCoat - Tailored to offer bespoke primer & topcoat systems which can be applied and cured in one pass. Apply Twice - Cure Once, 2 coats of high quality HMG powder can be applied with only one cure cycle. Surface World 2018 will see HMG Powder Coatings deliver on a Primer Package that will really make selection of product easy and straight forward, it will also be the opportunity for customers to bring any problems they have to the exhibition for a consultation on improvement. All of the background and field activity would indicate that if you are coating in any of the following markets you need to consider the new package of products from HMG Powder Coatings NZP - Powder Technology offering true intercoat adhesion; this product has been greatly enhanced with the much improved Edge Protection Technology ACE - Agricultural and Construction Equipment Eposeal - Edge Protection Technology remains high on our wish list from customers and this primer is especially for Hot Dip Galvanised Steel or cast items requiring degassing properties. Superb intercoat adhesion and superb flow characteristics Architectural - Coastal – Long Life Requirements DTM - With truly enhanced Edge Protection Technology, this single coat Industrial - High value industrial products – Generators Marine - Items on boats Coastal - Street furniture HMG Powder Coatings are exhibiting at the Surface World Live 2018, NEC Birmingham 19th & 20th September Stand C7 Surface World Live 2017 saw a 48% increase in footfall. The 2018 show is predicted to be even busier. Can you afford to not be there? 19th & 20th September 2018, Hall 11, NEC, Birmingham 118 SHOW GUIDE - AUGUST 2018 twitter: @surfaceworldmag