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PAINT & POWDER Gema Launches ServiceNet – Local Support on a National Scale The demands placed on manufacturing organisations to increase productivity and process effi ciency are continuing to grow. ServiceNet by Gema has been developed to deliver a nationwide network of ServiceNet Technical Support Centres with Gema trained ServiceNet Engineers providing complete technical and service support. No matter where in the UK Gema equipment is located, the ServiceNet network ensures all aspects of the system and application process is operating to maximum effi ciency over the lifetime of the equipment. ServiceNet – the global support network with local focus ServiceNet by Gema has been developed to ensure that our UK network of distributors, agents and direct local Gema facilities are fully equipped to support our customers in an ever more demanding and developing market. Regardless of location, all ServiceNet Engineers are trained to the high standard set by Gema that is expected by our customers. Advanced equipment & application knowledge and speed of response continues to be the key to ensuring that expert advice and top quality assistance is supplied quickly and efficiently to all of our customers. ServiceNet provides a complete support network with each area of the network 116 ServiceNet Engineers are dedicated to identifying and communicating ongoing improvements in application and process efficiency. An exhaustive report is provided with every maintenance visit, this details each area of the work carried out with explanations and recommendations, covering future preventative maintenance requirements, plant optimisation and advice regarding upgrade potential. dedicated to providing the correct type of support in the right place at the right time, whether this is supply of genuine Gema spares, ServiceNet Engineer visits, technical assistance or training. Our customers can rest assured that a Gema trained professional will be on hand to assist when they need it. Training ServiceNet Technical Support Centres ServiceNet brings a philosophy of continuous improvement and service excellence to a local level with the added benefit of a closely linked UK network, this gives us the tools required to provide the ultimate in support where it is needed. The ServiceNet network has been designed to provide a rapid response to our customer requirements, skilled engineers are fully conversant with our installed base, this not only gives a full understanding of the equipment but also the customers’ specific requirements, this places them in the perfect position to provide the highest level of support expected by our customers. An essential role carried out by Gema ServiceNet Engineers is regular equipment maintenance. Gema extends this traditional plant maintenance role into a ‘Total Service’ concept, this gives an all-encompassing equipment and application investigation. This ensures that all Gema equipment and the customer’s process is fully optimised for the life of the plant. Comprehensive service checklists ensure an in-depth examination of every area of the Gema equipment is carried out, this is done in conjunction with bespoke TPM procedures meaning t ]۝[YH\›Z[[Z\Y[\X][ۈYXY[H\›[Z\Y RQH HUQT N[XH\\B\X[قۛYHZ[YH\^[]B[[\Hݙ\[˜HYH[Hق\X][ۜ[[\Y\ˈ[\\[\ۛYH\[\[X[܈[]\[YX][ۈ[[[ۈو\XXH\XHB\Y\ٙ\[H[[Hو\X][ۂ[XZ[[[H\YZ[[]Z]\B\XS]XX[\XH[\܈]\Y\X[]Y\[XH۝[Y\]B[[H^[[H[]\H\XK\Y\X\XS]^[\\[\XX[\XH[\[ۜ]HZ[[]\XY]X\\[[[]\[ B]HH]HوH\XX[]H\XBو\Z[]YH[\[[\œ[][[[\KHX\]Z[XH܈][^\[\Y\K]\Z\X]H]\[XHXH[]\H]X[]H \X[]Y\و\\]Z\Y[YܙH]\[[Y[Z\X[]K[X[[YHH\Z[]B\ܝ]\\YY\XHH\Y\[H\XS][Z\[ۚ[‘[[Y\\[\\H[[][ۂHX[\ۛY[[X[ۈ[H[\[[Y ۝X\^H\\[\\][\]Z\[Y[΂[XZ[Z˜[\[XK]KB[\ۙN  LL ͌M XYۛ[N˜\X]ܛ