Surface World August 2018 (Show Guide) Surface World Aug 2018 - Page 112

PAINT & POWDER Spirit of the lake – bringing a legend back to life Donald Campbell’s renowned Bluebird will take to the water in Scotland this summer thanks to a painstaking restoration 50 years after the legendary speedboat racer died trying to break his own world speed record in 1967. Ak ӛؙ[\H[YY]HZ\][˜[[XZHB\ܚXXYHXKLLY\\X\\[[ܙH[ YX\[Z] [[Y\[[\X\ [[B[YYHܙXYH[ K]\]HX[Hو[Y\[\YBڙXݚ[H\ܙHHYX\Y[H]Hܚ[HܝX\و[[ ][ۈ܈Z\]\H\]Z\[Y[H\[Hو\[\]ZY][ˈx&[BYۈZ\ܙ\[[Z]œYHH\[][Y[]Y\ 'BH\\\\Y[]Y][\][ۘ[8&\[\[ ̈X]H][˜[[\ۈ LPYYHY\\\][ˈH]ܚ\Y[XZ[[\]Y\[ܛXY^L ‘][Y\ܛXY^ Lܙ^H[Y\[[\][ۘ[\X[ۈ] Zޛӛؙ[]HY[H\وHڙX܈[ܙH[HXYKY[܂[X[ۈH\[YB\Hو\[\XHZ\^[]Hܝ[و\]ZY[\][˂\[ۋܛXY^\XH[\“X[Y\܈ܝX\[[ \Y[ܚ[[H]HڙXX[H[ZY8']8&\Y[ܙX]][Y]X[[\X[ڙX [HXHٙ\BRQH HUQT NHYX\[ZHH]\[[[]Y\  LYX\Y\BY[\HX\&\X] ܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۈۈZޛӛؙ[8&\œX\]˘ܛXY^ H܂\]\][NKXYۛ[N˜\X]ܛ