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OVENS, SPRAYBOOTHS & PROCESS HEATING FIT NATIONAL SERVICE CENTRE for gas catalytic infrared heaters and installations Any type, any make: we’ll fi x it! If it’s gas-fuelled, catalytic and infrared, the FIT-INFRARED National Service Centre can supply, maintain and fix it. Any type, any make. If you break down we’ll get you back up and running and keep you going with a full maintenance and emergency repair service. Whether it’s an on-site or back-to- base refurbishment that you need, we will aim to help you maintain production with a ‘Service Swop’ or short term hire deal. Customised design, manufacture and installation infrared heating to a wider market. As part of this drive we have recently patented our Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Abatement System which can be scaled to fit the needs of most industrial applications. Wide range of applications and ATEX approved For those not familiar with the technology, flameless gas catalytic infrared heating has an extensive range of commercial and industrial uses. As catalytic reaction is a virtually perfect combustion process it does not produce any nitrogen oxides or carbon monoxide so it can be installed in a wide variety of locations. In their ATEX versions infrared heaters are comprehensively used in hazardous situations. of the fuel cost of other methods. Embodied within VOC abatement systems they provide a safe, effective and environmentally sound means of destroying harmful compounds originating from spraying and drying processes. The design capability of the company and its many imaginative applications of gas fuelled catalytic infrared heating, maintain the position of FIT as an established industry leader in the application of this technology for drying, curing, zone heating and dedicated VOC abatement sy [\˂܈]\Y^H\H]HXB]XZ\[BH\HHR\Y [Z[H\]Y XHۜ[[H[[[Y\[›X[YX\[ZXܛ\[\ˈ\XX[\H\[H\Z\Y\YۋX[YX\H[\Hو\Y[Y[Y[\][]X[\YX][[\[\[\܈HYH[Hو[\Y\˂][ܙH[ YX\&H^\Y[HH[ٙ\[HH[ ͌YܙYH\XHݙ\[\\و[\Y\X][ۜˈ[\YY[\HX\\HۙH܂&[HX]\&H^HܙX]HHYXقX\[][\]]]܈܈Z[]HZ\ݚY[BYܝXH[\ۛY[܈ܚ[XܙX][ۋYKYHY[[[\ۛY[[HY[H[ۙ][[][ۜ܈X[H\B]\\[Y\H\[\Y\][ۈ\Z[HYYوX[HX[[YY][H^Y[\\\[YYو [\ۛY[[HY[KX][[\[™X[]Y\ˈ\HۛYHY\[K\][[X[HY\[[\X[[[Y\X[XZ[U\YX[HXY™[[ۜ]H\\ۈXB[H]]\Y^H\H]HXH]XZH[H[H^Y\[\˂\\][H[[[ZX\[H\[\[H[\Y\[B[Y\[XHو[Y[\][]XY[YH]\[\܈[H[ؚ[B\[ۈH[KH\[\[]\X]\H[[]8&\YYY[]HX[ۈU RSTQ[H[]˙H[\Y H[۝XY][H[\Y B\H]\Y\]\XHܛ]H N[X]H^]YX ]ZXYو[\\]]ܜ˂Y\\ۛ[H^H\]\XHܛ]H N[][\QH[HYKYY][وHXY[”\XH[\[\Y\[[\ۙHوݙ\^\˂N] \[X\ N [ LKP\Z[[BPUHVUQP QTTVHUL RQH HUQT N[[HYܙH\O˜\X]ܛ B]\\X]ܛXY