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PRODUCTS & PROCESSES World market leader Kässbohrer automates production of its PistenBully with painting robot from Dürr Kässbohrer PistenBully snow groomers are now being painted by a Dürr robot. This halves the duration of the painting process, because application by robot is much faster than manual application by a worker. For the internationally leading manufacturer of specialist vehicles for slope preparation, automating the process means greater effi ciency in production and less exposure to paints and solvents for workers. Temperatures below RELEASE freezing, sharp ice PRESS crystals, strong UV radiation: when used on hand, this saves us so much time that we’ve been able to significantly increase our output to 600 cabs per year,” says Uwe Thierer, Plant Manager at Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG’s Laupheim site. process. When this is done by hand, the workers are exposed to paint and solvent fumes. When a robot is used, this burden is removed from the workers. As part of the automation process, Kässbohrer also switched to chromate-free paint for the manufacture of the PistenBully. Apart from the speed, the robot’s uniform and reproducible quality ensures a high efficiency gain in the process. The paint The Dürr Group is one of the world’s leading layers are applied in a combination booth. mechanical and plant engineering firms First, the EcoRP L033 applies two primer layers as a bonding agent and corrosion with extensive expertise in automation and protection wet-in-wet without drying in- digitization/Industry 4.0. Products, systems between. The colour changing and dosing and services offered by the Group enable technology integrated in the front robot arm highly efficient manufacturing processes in ensures minimal paint losses when changing different industries. Dürr supplies sectors color well as short rinsing times with and Systems: machinery and equipment for the  as Woodworking Machinery like the automotive industry, mechanical minimal solvent consumption. This is engineering, chemical, pharmaceutical woodworking industry followed by the intermediate drying stage and woodworking industries. The Group before the third painting stage, the base generated sales of € 3.71 billion in 2017. coat as color application. Photos: In October 2018, Dürr acquired the Dürr’s scope of delivery also includes the industrial environmental technology business skid conveyor technology with turntable and of US-based company Babcock & Wilcox, tilt function. This ensures reproducible cab comprising the MEGTEC and Universal adjustment and correct positioning of the cab brands. Since then, the company has over for the painting process. The robot paints 16,000 employees and 108 business the cab body fully and by applying two primer layers also looks after the corrosion locations in 32 countries. The Group protection, which in automotive painting operates in the market with five divisions: takes place in the tank. Five pressure pots Paint and Final Assembly Systems: for main colour, hardener, and thinner are paint shops and final assembly systems provided for the paint supply. for the automotive industry PRESS RELEASE slopes and cross-country skiing trails, the surfaces of the PistenBully cabs are subjected to the most extreme conditions. To provide protection against the harsh environmental two primer coats as well as and the Systems: machinery and equipment for the  influences, Woodworking Machinery base coat are applied – by an EcoRP L033 Automation of painting Application Technology: robot technologies woodworking painting robot from industry Dürr, which coats the for the automated application of paint, increases occupational safety metal frames from the outside and inside. and adhesives The protection Dürr EcoRP L033 important robot delivers an sealants automated painting process at Kässbohrer “The most the robot needs to paint a cab is Health is another Geländefahrzeug AG. argument in favor of automating the painting Photos: an hour. Compared to previous painting by Clean Technology Systems: An automatic turning and tilting frame moves the body into the correct position for painting. air pollution control systems and noise abatement systems Measuring and Process Systems: balancing equipment as well as assembly, testing and filling technology Woodworking Machinery and Systems: machinery and equipment for the woodworking industry The Dürr EcoRP L033 robot delivers an automated painting process at Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG. Email: Visit: The Dürr EcoRP L033 robot delivers an automated painting process Kässbohrer An automatic turning and at tilting frame moves the body into the correct position for painting. Geländefahrzeug AG. 66 APRIL 2019 Contact: read online: