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PRODUCTS & PROCESSES Repair headlights quickly and cost-effectively You won’t be surprised to know that over the last few years drivers in the UK are keeping their cars for longer. And of course, driving an older car means more things are likely to wear out, degrade or go wrong. One of these is the performance of headlights. Ultraviolet rays from the sun or just wear and tear results in scratched, discoloured or dulled glass. Not only can this make a vehicle look pretty shabby but it also means the lights don’t work as well. When the glass suffers from these problems it can’t defuse the light, making it harder for the driver to see. This type of defect can mean MOT failure, and all the hassle that entails. Repair or replace? The most obvious way to sort out these problems would, of course, be to replace the 60 APRIL 2019 whole headlight. Depending on the make of car that could mean your customers have to pay out hundreds or even thousands of pounds. A second option is to polish or repair the headlights to get them through the MOT. Of course, this needs to be done with exceptional attention to detail, which can be very time consuming for both your workshop and your customers. The process often involves many steps, which can be tedious, especially when you’re looking to keep down key-to-key times. All this time adds up, making the process surprisingly expensive, especially when you factor in the number of products and processes that can be involved – such as mixing and applying adhesive primers. At last, a cost- effective solution The good news is that AkzoNobel has recently launched Autoclear Lights, an innovative new headlight repair solution. Not only does it take far less time than the alternatives, but it’s also cheaper for customers. Sikkens Autoclear Lights is so easy to use because it comes in a single aerosol can - no mixing or adhesive primer required. All you need to do is activate and shake the aerosol and away you go. A simple three-stage process 1. Carefully prepare the damaged or discoloured headlight, using the recommended sanding and degreasing process. 2. Apply a single layer of Autoclear Lights to give a smooth, clear surface. 3. Cure the headlight for just 30 minutes at 60°C or 7 hours at an ambient temperature of 20°C. Thanks to fewer preparation steps, Autoclear Lights is quicker and cheaper than similar products on the market. Your bodyshop will spend far less time on the job as they only need to apply one layer. That’s it - no adhesives, no primers. The end result? A far more streamlined process that saves you time – and your customers money. Visit: read online: