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PUMPS & FILTRATION How long do your pumps last? Pomac Pumps have just received a 23-year-old pump back into their warehouse and it’s still in excellent working condition! Want to know more? Check out the case study below. Tapflo UK have been working alongside Pomac Pumps for over 10 years, exclusively distributing their range of Food Grade Hygienic Process Pumps throughout the UK. With their products lasting for over 20 years, we’d be crazy not to be proud of our working relationship with them! As mentioned, Pomac Pumps recently received one of their CPC Centrifugal Pumps back into their warehouse for inspection and maintenance. The customer who owns this pump has over 15 identical Pomac CPC Centrifugal Pumps on site, pumping WFI, CIP and various solvents. What’s more, each of these pumps were sold in 1995, making these pumps the same age as some of the Tapflo UK Team! When receiving their 23-year-old pump back to the warehouse, the team at Pomac worked on converting the current wetted parts (which were still in excellent condition!) to a new ATEX electro motor, as per request of the customer. A new cartridge mechanical seal was placed into the pump, as well as an upgraded stub shaft and new PTFE O-Rings for the pump cover and connections. See the quality of the pump below! Pomac Pumps pride themselves in the excellent quality of their pumps, their customer service and being able to supply spare parts with fast lead times. Need something now? No problem! Pomac CPC Sanitary Centrifugal Pump What makes the Pomac CPC Pump different to other Centrifugal Pumps? The CPC Centrifugal Pump housing is made from cast Stainless Steel, differing from other Centrifugal Pumps on the market which are often welded together. Welding the housing together leaves rough surfaces inside the pump which can provide areas for bacteria to grow, which isn’t ideal for hygienic applications. A housing made from cast rather than welded Stainless Steel has a lower surface roughness, so the housing is smoother and there is less probability of bacteria growing. Typically, Pomac’s CPC is manufactured with a surface roughness of 0.8 or 0.5 upon request. Applications We’d be here a while if we listed every application Pomac’s CPC range is suitable for, so here’s just a few examples: Food and Beverage Industry: Including dairy, sugar, animal and vegetable oils/fats, alcohol. CIP and SIP: Handling of chemicals for optimal cleaning and sterilization including Sodium Hydroxide and Nitric Acid. Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology: Tablets & coating, distilled water, Ultra-Filtration, emulsions. For a full list, visit the Tapflo UK website: www.tapflopumps. and head to our ‘Food Grade Process Pumps’ section. Pomac’s CPC Centrifugal Pump range is perfectly suited for the Food and Pharmaceutical Industries due to complying with EHEDG standards and being manufactured from high-grade cast Stainless Steel. Top left: back plate of CPC Pump. Top right: CPC Pump housing. Bottom centre: front of CPC Impeller. Who are Pomac Pumps? Pomac Pumps are a family owned company established in 1977 in The Netherlands and have always had pride in manufacturing a majority of the pump components within their state of the art HQ in Holland, where there is a constant investment into new manu- facturing equipment to ensure the highest standards can be met. They specialise in a full product range of Hygienic Process Pumps ideal for the Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries. Pomac offer Centrifugal, Lobe, Twin Screw and Liquid Ring Pumps which are used in a variety of applications worldwide. 40 APRIL 2019 Benefi ts of the CPC Sanitary Centrifugal Pump The CPC sanitary centrifugal pump range can be converted to ATEX pumps with ATEX motors, which is currently taking place with the 23-year-old Centrifugal Pump! The ATEX CPC pump is a CPC-ZA, this range is not EHEDG certified but remains sanitary in construction, and also has the added benefit of being a Self-Priming Centrifugal Pump. Not only is the pump itself manufactured to a high finish to ensure that it is sanitary, but the O-Rings are also EHEDG and FDA compliant to provide 100% hygiene. The CPC sanitary centrifugal pump range is available in 4 sizes, providing a capacity range up to 500m/hr and 13 Bar of pressure. The CPC sanitary centrifugal pump range has been designed to provide customers with low maintenance costs and simply disassembly, whilst still maintaining elegance, efficiency and optimal cleanability. Head over to Tapflo UK to view the full range of Food Grade Process Pumps from Pomac Pumps. OR for print: For more information, request a brochure by emailing or call 023 8025 2325 twitter: @surfaceworldmag