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INDUSTRY NEWS New military coating standard fully met by Indestructible Paint A new range of military standard paint systems is being introduced by coatings specialist Indestructible Paint Ltd. in direct response to the introduction of Def Stan 80- 225 towards the end of 2018. Importantly, the new products, which replace a series of previous standards, are free from Chrome VI and meet low VOC requirements. He points out that the Def Stan 80-225 compliance is designed for use with military vehicles and non-aircraft equipment, and can be supplied in a range of colours specified by the military. “This is a sector in which our laboratory has been developing chrome replacement options for a number of years so we were in a good position to respond quickly to the introduction of the new military standard,” says Brian Norton, Indestructible Paint’s Managing Director at the company’s manufacturing facility in Birmingham. Comprising a choice of primer and top coat options – making the system suitable for both ferrous and non-ferrous substrates – the paint can be supplied to provide either a near matt IRR or gloss non-IRR finish. Application is by spray system with the coating requiring only a simple drying stage. “The defence sector is an excellent example of our long standing focus on developing products that meet specific application needs,” continues Brian Norton. “Quite clearly, equipment in this context has to meet significant operational and environmental challenges so it is important that the full range of coatings we supply is consistent and robust, while also being quick and simple to apply. “Our latest Def Stan 80-225 system fulfils these needs while also answering important concerns about chrome usage. The overall result is a highly practical solution for our customers in the military sector and an excellent demonstration of the knowledge and capability of our in-house research and development team,” he concludes. Visit: 28 APRIL 2019 read online: