Surface & Panel Q4 2017 - Page 7

SYMPOSIUM REVIEWS PETER SCHNEIDER, TIP—THE INDUSTRY PIVOT: It’s a nice chance to meet customers in sort of an off- the-record format and then sit around and share ideas and have inspirational speakers who have us look at issues from a different perspective. So many of us are looking at things the same way. It’s nice to have somebody almost like a coach to come in and spur on some creative thoughts because it’s in here, but it’s not coming out. The combined meeting is good. I thought it was really good. DAN MURPHY, STEINEMANN TECHNOLOGY: I like the exposure to some other ideas, in particular Karim. Also with California Closets and how they go about … their business model. And with Karim, his view on manufacturing, his view on layouts, his view on architecture, his view on design, I thought it was really interesting. One of the better presentations I’ve seen. The knowledge level of the speakers has been very high. If you’re paying attention, you can take a lot of information out of that. PETER STASIOWSKI, INTERPRINT: Great turnout. Everybody here is on our radar screen and vice versa. The people, the optimism. Of course, the industry is doing great, so that helps, too. Just attracting such a large number and variety of attendees is great for us. I would consider bringing more people from Interprint next time because two of us can’t have conversations with everybody. MORGAN DASHER, OMNOVA: It was very forward-looking. Combining the CPA meeting and the symposium and having thought-provoking questions on what is the future … was excellent. I think the format was good, and there was a balance of not only talking about the industry today but also about what it will be tomorrow. The higher number of people allowed for more networking, conversations and perspectives. MORE SYMPOSIUM IMAGES AND REVIEWS ON PAGE 8 � surface & panel Q4 2017 7