Surface & Panel Q4 2017 - Page 63

& Selections Solutions to move productivity forward Let’s raise the MR bar ULTRASTOCK MR IS MR50 ® BETTER MR BY THE NUMBERS Designed with the same physical and machining properties of our premium MDF panel, UltraStock ® MR now meets the thickness swell and bond integrity criteria required for an MR50 designation 1 . And it gives you this higher level of protection for no higher cost. Plus, we’ve increased every other grade of UltraStock MDF to MR10. That’s raising the MR bar and moving productivity forward with better solutions for you. Georgia-Pacific Panel Products LLC Panel Products | 1-800-424-2311 | UltraStock, Georgia-Pacific and the GP logo are trademarks owned by or licensed to Georgia-Pacific Panel Products LLC. ©2017 Georgia-Pacific Panel Products LLC. All rights reserved. 1. ANSI A208.2 - 2016 section 3.6