Surface & Panel Q4 2017 - Page 6

Symposium Enlightens, Inspires, Sets Tone For Future “Great turnout.” “A nice chance to meet customers.” “Excellent programming.” “Very forward looking.” “A powerhouse.” Those are the words of just a few of the more than 300 people who attended the 2017 Material, Technology & Design Symposium @ CPA Fall Meeting in early October in Savannah, Georgia. Obviously, they were impressed, and their reviews reflected the over- whelming sentiment of attendees. “It was great,” said Brent Warren, national sales manager at Cefla Finishing Group, which was a Silver Sponsor and exhibitor at the sym- posium. “It was a great turnout of people and a broad range from composite panel manufacturers to end users and suppliers to other partners in the industry. The program has been very good.” For the first time, Surface & Panel teamed with CPA to present the symposium in conjunction vF5( 2fVWFrGFVF6Rv0FRvW7BWfW"f"FRw&W( 2fvFW&rBFR6V6BvЦW7Bf"5VWFrFRGB&VvV7&fFVB6f'F&PfVVRB7GW&W7VR6WGFrrFR6f&fW"vR2ЧF&26fvV6VBwVW7G2BffW&VBG26WFW&6&2&RF376&r'W6W76W27W'FVBFR76V@`7W&f6VGV6У#rfVGW&VB&GV7G2B6W'f6W2W&FFB6FRЦǒ'WVBvFGFVFVW2VFW"WGv&r"6V6rWBFRBЦW7BFW&2BWVVB( ėBv2vBg&FW6vV&rWGv&rB7W7FW"7FBЧB( v'&V6B( FR&w&2vW&RfW'F6( ХFR76VfVGW&VB7VW'26WfV6W762v6RFЦ72&vVBg&FR'F6RbF7G&'WF'2FVW&vrG&VG2FW&2BFW6vFFRgWGW&RbFvF&FrशWFrv2&VvVBGW7G&FW6vW"&&6BvvvVBVFV6RV&W'2vF2vVFvRWW'F6RBWW&ЦV6RB6VvVBFVFF&WB&WƖ6FrvN( 2&VGvBf&RGFVFVW26VFR4T2&6FV7G26&WBW'27WƖW'2F7G&"ЧWF'2gW&GW&RVf7GW&W'2FW&"FW6vW'27F&RfGW&RRЦf7GW&W'2B7GVFVG2g&FR6f6VvRb'BBFW6vWBV.( 276V266VGVVBf"6WB#2#R6fR&6VB#rBFR7FV"&WfWw2FR#fW'626( BЦ֗72WfVBf"R766FVBvFFR66FRVBFV6Ч&FfR7W&f6W2GW7G&W2rvF&6FV7G2BFW6vW'2v7V6gF6RFW&22b