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� CONTINUED FROM PAGE 48 worked with Jamie Durie, an Australian designer famous for bringing the outdoors in. “What you see in the end product of the Iconic and Infused Veneer panels is the execution of good design, the best choices in materials and process to execute a vision.” One of B+N’s latest product offerings, Fortina, also brings the outside in—as well as the inside out. Developed by innovative Japanese printer Toppan, Fortina is both an interior and exterior grade architecturalproduct. Fortina is made by wrapping a non-PVC, printed polyole- fin film around an extruded aluminum louver. The resulting product is strong and lightweight, allowing for large beams and ceiling treatments. Available in over 150 finishes and more than 50 different aluminum profiles, Fortina films can be exactly matched for interior components. B+N is the exclusive supplier in North America. DEVELOPED BY TOPPAN, FORTINA IS BOTH AN INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR GRADE ARCHITECTURAL PRODUCT MADE BY WRAPPING A NON-PVC, PRINTED POLYOLEFIN FILM AROUND AN EXTRUDED ALUMINUM LOUVER. DESIGNING EXPERIENCES “Over the years, our clients have taught us to pay attention to every detail. There is a cultural shift with the way people expect to interact with tech- nology. We want the entire experience to be good design,” Somberg said. “Our current initiative is to allow the client, whether a single consumer or a huge brand, to enter their design concepts into our interface, and ultimately our software will render their request and translate it to our processes. We will be a complete custom house.” B+N’s proximity to the engineering/program- ming faction of Silicon Valley is a big advantage. “Anything we can dream of we can quickly test CONTINUED ON PAGE 52 � 50