Surface & Panel Q4 2017 - Page 48

“What you see in the end product of the Iconic and Infused Veneer panels is the execution of good design, the best choices in materials and process to execute a vision.” BRAD SOMBERG B+N’s Infused Veneer collection delivers big visual impact by infusing imagery into various wood veneers. Unlike digital printing, which is a topical application, Infused Veneer is produced by opening the wood pores, depositing pigment and re-shrinking the veneer, which is then hand- finished with a wax coating. The process allows the natural woodgrain to show through the graphic, and because it is embedded into the material, the imagery is less susceptible to superficial damage. The extensive offerings of both series are in part due to collaboration with renowned design- ers from around the world. “I’m passionate about what we do because I love the visionaries we get to work with,” Somberg said. “Our first collaboration was with Rex Ray, an American artist best known for his innovative pop aesthetic in fine and commercial art. We’ve also � CONTINUED FROM PAGE 44 THIS INFUSED VENEER PANEL IS A COLLABORATION WITH REX RAY, AN AMERICAN ARTIST BEST KNOWN FOR HIS INNOVATIVE POP AESTHETIC IN FINE AND COMMERCIAL ART. CONTINUED ON PAGE 50 � WOOD REIMAGINED Thermally Fused Laminate Panels | Shelving Medium Density Fiberboard Hardwood Plywood | Particleboard 48 800.245.1115