Surface & Panel Q4 2017 - Page 46

B+N CASE STUDY: W New York–Union Square When David Ashen, founder and partner Dash Design, was engaged to renovate the prestigious W Hotel on Union Square, the client had a clear concept in mind. “That particular property narrative was about the intersection between the two styles of uptown and downtown in New York City,” Ashen said. “Our idea was to integrate a map of the area around Union Square into the headboard as a design element. We wanted it applied abstractly. The problem was the traditional casegoods manufacturers for the hotel industry didn’t know how to approach it.” Dash Design is a multi-disciplinary firm, with experience in retail environments. “I thought of B+N Industries because they are innovators in display and fixture design. They helped us out affordably by adapting their Iconic panel collection. The map was routed into fire-rated MDF, then wrapped in foil. They figured out a great approach.” B+N Industries also produced miter-folded night- stands in the same 3D laminate. “The casegood solutions look sharp, with no exposed edges,” Ashen said. “There’s typically this schism between manufacturers and designers, but the two sides are so interwoven. B+N does a good job in sharing technologies and working in both areas to deliver solutions into different market segments.” PHOTO COURTESY OF W HOTEL S/MICHEAL KLEINBERG Looking For the Cheapest Possible CNC Router? HOW ABOUT FREE? Every CNC router, regardless of price, has one thing in common. It must be programmed. You will need a CNC programmer. A typical CNC programmer will cost you more each month than the payment on a Thermwood Cut Center, which does not need CNC programs or CNC programmers. So, if their machine was free, it would still cost you more than a Thermwood Cut Center, and in a few years the Cut Center payments go away and your programmer costs go up. Instead of looking for the cheapest possible CNC Router, do yourself a favor and talk to Thermwood about how the Cut Center will save you time and make you more money! 46 800.533.6901 "Being able to go to the machine, pick ЁЁȁɹɔ)՜ѡͥ锁хЁѕɥ́՝(م5յL4L ɹ ѽ]ݽɭL1ᄰ-L