Surface & Panel Q4 2017 - Page 44

B+N'S INFUSED VENEER, ALSO PICTURED BELOW � CONTINUED FROM PAGE 43 Some patterns are more intricate, or have large smooth surfaces, so panels of various thicknesses are laminated together to cre- ate different relief patterns efficiently. B+N uses 3D laminate films from American Renolit, Omnova, Dakor, Ambtra and Riken. “The designs are so integral that achieving an aesthetic we are comfortable with requires very specific engineering,” Somberg said. “Buying a press doesn’t put you in business. We spent months reviewing data analytics of different glues, mate- rial thicknesses and finishes. Then we fine-tuned through trial and error to create a very precise menu of processes to ensure we have the right temperatures and run times to make perfect product, regardless of the pattern or film specification.” Iconic panels are made with an MDF core from Arauco, which can be specified for performance characteristics, such as fire rating, water resistance, LEED-qualified or NAUF. The finished product is durable and seamless. It didn’t take long for multi-dis- ciplinary architects and designers to begin specifying the panels into other high-traffic segments, such as hospitality, healthcare and commercial interiors--where the aesthetic and performance benefits are amplified by the ability to easily change out panels for an entirely new look. CONTINUED ON PAGE 48 � solutions in in wood wood solutions solutions in wood